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Input Devices

The Mouse Vanishes 292

countertrolling sends in a clip from Wired that begins "...researchers at MIT have found a method to let users click and scroll exactly the same way they would with a computer mouse, without the device actually being there. Cup your palm, move it around on a table and a cursor on the screen hovers. Tap on the table like you would click a real mouse, and the computer responds. It's one step beyond cordless. It's an invisible mouse. The project, called 'Mouseless,' uses an infrared laser beam and camera to track the movements of the palm and fingers and translate them into computer commands... A working prototype of the Mouseless system costs approximately $20 to build, says Pranav Mistry, who is leading the project."

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Is there any other kind of government besides big government?

Yes, specially third world countries where the government is not small, but in several aspects corrupt and not too controlled by the population, allowing big companies (specially foreigner but local too) to find illegal shortcuts to increase profit. An example of this would be to dump hazardous waste in someone else backyard.

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