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Journal: Sunday Bloody Sundayyyyy... 7

Journal by LeoDV
I just finished watching the movie Bloody Sunday about, well, Bloody Sunday, that day when the North Irish Civil Rights Movement marched peacefully agaisnt the mass internments without trial and were shot on by the British military.

The toll? 13 dead, 14 injuried, one movie, one song by U2.

Angola : hundreds of thousands killed or starved, 0 movie, 0 songs by pop-rock bands.

Rwanda : 800,000 dead, 0 movie, 0 songs by pop-rock bands.

What's the difference? The Irish are white, and rich. I love Ireland and the Irish, and have deep respect for the Irish cause, and certainly don't mean to play down the significance of the Irish Civil Rights Movement or the horror of the death of those innocent men and women, but SHIT.

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