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Comment Re:Let me recycle my joke from Reddit (Score 1) 256

Found the Hawaiian. :)

In all seriousness, I agree. I went to Molokai for my honeymoon and I tried spam fried rice with soy and tabasco sauce (which, by the way, goes together a lot better than you would think), and it was excellent.

That being said, I would not be at all interested in eating a block of cold spam.

Comment Re:Bad data is worse than abstract data (Score 1) 232

I have the sneaking suspicion that this is going to backfire massively. They'll have bad data hither and yon as overworked medicos end up entering the wrong codes (hey, it's a broken femur, who cares which side?) as often as the right ones.

It'll fail in some places and be highly beneficial in others.

I'm guessing it's going to be the worst in heavily-trafficked primary care offices, where there will be a very large variety of issues (particularly those in poorer areas, which see more patients for less money and the staff is spread very thin). It'll be a lot better in hospital wards and specialist offices, where there's more staff and they people are (generally) working with a much narrower set of codes.

Comment Re:My sister is a nurse (Score 1) 232

And as someone else noticed, the codes are intentionally designed to make no sense. Why is all the information in a binder and not a computer?

This is false. My wife works at a hospital that switched over to ICD10 months ago, and their EMR (electronic medical records) program asks them questions and looks the code up for them if it's one they don't already know.

Comment Re:My sister is a nurse (Score 1) 232

My wife is a nurse practitioner at a hospital and they're already switched over to ICD10. She tells me things are going relatively smoothly.

Also, the way they enter codes they don't already know is that that the computer asks them questions until it narrows down on the correct code. She doesn't go through gigantic binders, nor are there other people at her hospital that do. The additional overhead from it is minimal.

Mind you, I'm not calling the parent a liar. I'm sure there are some places out there that handle these codes very inefficiently, but using computers to aid with the process is clearly the way to go.

Comment Re:Burn due to water-skis on fire subsequent encou (Score 2) 232

I'm curious enough how they came up with these exact codes that I'm going to try and find out.

Some of them are specific enough (waterskiing while on fire, for instance) that they must have actually happened, but in that case you'd think they'd have one for getting hit on the head by a falling coconut, which they don't. (Incidentally, falling coconuts account for a single confirmed death in the US, in 1973).

Maybe they chose a particular year as the cutoff for injuries, although I'd imagine at least a few more Americans have been *injured* by falling coconuts after 1973.

Comment Re:Turing Test (Score 1) 311

There was a chatbot a while ago that "passed" a turing test by claiming that English wasn't its first language. This situation is kind of similar. Most of the comments were things like "lol hi how r u lol"; in other words, the bots were acting generally unintelligible to lower the expectations of the people who interacted with them.

Pretending to be a person who can't pass a turing test is cheating on a real turing test.

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