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Comment: Re:Inverse Wi-fi law (Score 3, Informative) 278

by Lendrick (#48057655) Attached to: Marriott Fined $600,000 For Jamming Guest Hotspots

I think it's because cheap hotels are for regular travelers and nice hotels are for people traveling on business who will be reimbursed by their employers. Even for expensive hotels, the prices are pretty minuscule compared to what a big company can afford, so money is really no object for them. So the employees book at expensive hotels because it's kind of a perk of traveling for their company, and private individuals book at cheap ones because that's what they can afford.

Comment: Late to the tablet game... (Score 3, Interesting) 179

by Lendrick (#46875417) Attached to: Microsoft Continues To Lose Money With Each Surface Tablet It Sells

...and desperately attempting to avoid irrelevance.

That being said, there's some sense to the strategy. If it's true that they lost money on the original Xbox, then it's worked for them in the past. Selling products below cost is a good way to get customers, provided your product is good enough that they'll buy your next one at a price where you'll actually profit.

I don't personally see Microsoft tablets being taken seriously (the number of people I see on the internet who apparently like Windows 8 doesn't fit with the number of people I've met who like it in real life, which leads me to believe that they learned a lesson from Vista -- albeit not the right one -- and have seen the value in paying astroturfers to pad their failures a bit). But then again, I didn't expect the XBox to be a runaway success either, and it did just fine, so time will tell.

Fortunately there's enough competition in the tablet market among Apple and all the different Android manufacturers that Microsoft isn't likely to be able to achieve the level of lock-in that they have on the desktop market, which means that another viable tablet maker could actually be a good thing. So even though it's Microsoft, I don't wish them ill here.

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by Lendrick (#46719981) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

Sure. The NSA scandal was proof of that they've lied and violated the Constitution. On the other hand, I don't see where this is the "worst administration for lies in our lifetime" considering they followed the Bush administration (spoiler: the NSA was doing its spying shit then too).

That being said, about the ACA, promoting the general welfare is specifically constitutional, and there are 7.1 million more people with health care now than there were six months ago (and I'm sorry but "LALALA THE'RE LIARS I CAN'T HEAR YOU" isn't evidence that they're lying about the enrollment figures, no matter how much the irresponsible right wing press may be disingenuously speculating).

Your line of reasoning seems to be "we know they're liars, so that means they're telling a lie. Since they're lying, we know they're liars." Come back with real evidence.

Comment: Re:It depends on your frame of mind. (Score 2) 723

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From the article:

an eye-popping 90% increase in just the last month of the six-month open enrollment period.

That's not eye-popping at all. The enrollment numbers didn't even double in the last month. Those number are completely ho-hum, and if anything, I'd expect it to be even more skewed to the last minute.

Comment: Re:Win 8.1 is just fine (Score 5, Insightful) 294

I like Win 8.1. It's fast and reliable. I don't think it has ever crashed.

I can do everything I want pretty easily: edit videos, produce music, play games, run Steam, run overclocked hardware.

Yes, I'm sure you can do all that stuff that the cool kids are doing. I don't see anyone here questioning Windows 8's capabilities; people are complaining about the fact that it's a tablet interface that's been shoehorned into a desktop, and everything about it is designed to push you back to the tablet interface (which, conveniently for Microsoft, is a walled garden that they control).

At any rate, Windows 7 does all that cool kid stuff too, and the interface is sensible for desktop users.

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