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Open Source

+ - The Liberated Pixel Cup: a game making contest from the CC, FSF, and OpenGameArt->

Submitted by
Lendrick writes "OpenGameArt.org, the Free Software Foundation, and the Creative Commons are teaming up to bring the Liberated Pixel Cup, a free-as-in-freedom game making contest starting on June 1st and going through July 31st. The contest will be divided into two phases: the first phase will be about adding on to a consistent set of art commissioned specially for the contest, and the second phase, starting on July 1st, will be about building games using the provided art."
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+ - The Silver Lining of the MegaUpload Shutdown->

Submitted by
Lendrick writes "You may have already realized that to some extent piracy creates buzz about media. If people enjoy a movie or a game or an album or whatever, they talk about it, and the word gets out, even if the person doing the talking pirated it. This is not a justification for piracy, mind you. If someone wants to make content and then threaten to send you to jail for using it the wrong way, that's their prerogative under copyright law. On the other hand, people and companies who do that don't deserve your business, and they don't deserve the buzz that you create by talking about their media. This is particularly true given the fact that they're spending the money you give them to curtail your freedoms through draconian legislation and copyright treaties."
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+ - Let's make FOSS game content creation simple!->

Submitted by Lendrick
Lendrick (314723) writes "I'd like to step up onto my soapbox for a moment and address something that I find somewhat lacking in FOSS games — namely content creation and editing. In one sense, FOSS games have a leg up on the competition because all open source software is innately moddable, which is kind of the point. However, the practical reality of software moddability is that it's extremely dependant on the tools you provide."
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