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Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 296

Con-Agra was going to get tax abatement anywhere they went, and in fact, even with the tax abatement, they're going to be paying more taxes than they did in Omaha after the move to Chicago.

Boeing's tax bill also went up after the move to Chicago. However, the Federal subsidies were enormous. And again, those subsidies had nothing to do with the City of Chicago. Every state in the US offers companies sweeteners to move. It's why we have a race to the bottom in this country.

So really, you're the one who's wrong.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 296

They've been working on prototypes at the NASA Ames research center in California for a while, and they're building a small system in Tel Aviv now. The problem with a system like this is getting funding and space. Americans can build stuff like iPhones pretty easily: they have a design done, send it off to Taiwan to build some prototypes, have them sent back, then work on the software (which seems to be the only thing Americans are any good at any more). You don't need to get all kinds of regulatory approval and such to build a handheld electronic device. But no one wants to invest in a fundamentally new and different transportation technology because it doesn't look anything like current systems (light rail, bus, etc.). They're probably also afraid of pissing off the auto industry; that hasn't gone over too well in the past. They have a long record of purposefully destroying anything that threatens the dominance of the automobile.

If you're at least open-minded about the idea, that's really good. Most people take one look and just say "that's impossible, it'll never work". People like them said the same thing about smartphones until Apple made one that people really wanted. People like them said the same thing about the automobile even, and couldn't understand why anyone would want a car instead of a horse and buggy.

Comment Re:Consumers reject advertising (Score 2) 181

I don't like ads, but before they got obnoxious, I didn't bother to block them. Then, for awhile, I just refused to have flash installed. Now I also use noscript.

If they make things obnoxious, I'll avoid them. It doesn't bother me to avoid sites that require flash...and I consider flash a security risk. It's easy to get me to avoid a site. Just ask me not to visit, and I'll leave and not go back. (It's been years since I've visited the New York Times site. They wanted more than I was willing to offer, so I just stopped visiting.) Really, about the only sites I feel I need to visit document programming languages, as for the rest, push me and I'll leave. But I won't come back later.

OTOH, other people have other priorities. My wife insists on having flash installed in her computer. And many people feel that way, too. One size doesn't fit all, and if Mozilla expects it to, they can expect resistance that will not end.

Comment Re:Yes and? (Score 1) 105

The macro assembler in Byte had conditionals, loops, etc. Don't know about switch statements. It had operators. I think it had types, and enums, but I'm not sure about structs. It had at least limited scoping.

I never used it enough to really get a handle on its capabilities, so it may well have done more than I'm saying. It *didn't* implement libraries other than assembler (no I/O, e.g.), so it was clearly not very useful. But it was over 80% of the C language, and possibly over 90%.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1, Insightful) 296

Yea, I've been in Chicago (last week actually) and I'm chuckling too, mostly at you. Yea the "EL" is there and folks do ride the thing, but to get around the windy city and the suburbs, the bulk of people take the extensive number of toll ways in their cars. There is a reason the number of I-Pass holders exceeds the number of public transit riders by an order of magnitude or two.

First of all, it's not the "EL" it's the "L". Second, there are exactly ZERO tollways within the Chicago city limits. Nobody pays tolls getting around Chicago. If you want to come in from Milwaukee or fucking Indiana, yes there are toll roads that start in Indiana and that's only because nobody wants anyone from Milwaukee or Indiana coming into the city because they don't know how to behave.

There is a reason the number of I-Pass holders exceeds the number of public transit riders by an order of magnitude or two.

Yes, it's because the I-PASS is for the entire state of Illinois and public transit customers tend to live in the Chicago area.

Personally, I chose to drive myself while I was there...

May I ask where you're from? I'm really curious. Plus, I want to write a letter to city government asking to build a wall.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 0, Flamebait) 296

I'm not sure the city/government is who I want in charge of making sure of my quality of life is good enough

Really? Do you have your own well for water? Who picks up your garbage? If you get into an accident, or are the victim of a crime, you gonna call the police, or Ayn fucking Rand?

This is what I mean about libertarians being stupid. They expect their streets plowed, and potholes fixed, but don't want city government.

The city government that picks up your goddamn garbage and plows your streets in the winter is the same one that builds mass transit.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score -1, Flamebait) 296

Which is my general point about light rail. It never pays for itself though fares, but ALWAYS requires substantial subsidies from local governments to survive.

It's also a huge economic engine. One of the reasons Boeing and Con-Agra moved to Chicago was because of the transit and the reasonable traffic (because of the good public transit).

I know Libertarians hate public transportation, but for the most part, they are kind of stupid.

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