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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Build a Windows Home Server ->

ThinSkin writes: "While our important digital information is dangling at the mercy of our local hard drives, protecting that data with a home server isn't such a bad idea. For roughly $800, computer users can build a low-power, 1 terabyte Windows Home Server to ensure that our data doesn't go bump in the night. ExtremeTech has a primer on building this server, outlining which parts to buy, and also taking readers through each installation step. The cost is about the same as the HP MediaSmart Server EX475, though building a system allows PC users more flexibility and full access to the operating system."
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Comment Defaced (Score 0, Redundant) 457 457

Looks like http://www.marketingmetrixgroup.com/ was just defaced.

hey metrix! Ferror was here!
yeahh let's go!! hahaha fuck off our T0RRENTS. back off and die!!!!

Fatal Error BR Crew 2005 - irc.gigachat.net #Ferror
by the danz

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