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Comment: Re:"We didn't do it. Shutup or we'll do it again." (Score 1) 124

by antifoidulus (#48649425) Attached to: US Seeks China's Help Against North Korean Cyberattacks
Um, have you ever thought that maybe the reason there wasn't any response until June 2014 was because the movie wasn't hyped until then? Do you really think there is someone deep in the bowels of Pyongyang scraping TMZ looking for any hints of a movie that may not be portraying North Korea in a glowing fashion?

Comment: Re:News at 11.. (Score 2) 655

Copyright infringement is theft because it denies a copyright owner the ability to sell the product for which they have the copyright and thus they lose money.

Thanks for the nostalgia! I remember when people tried to claim that with a straight face back in the 80s, but no one believed it even then. Can you imagine that someone actually said that ridiculous crap in seriousness once? I'm glad we've moved past those ludicrously mind-bending contortions and can laugh about them now, knowing full well that no one actually thinks that way anymore.

Comment: Re:News at 11.. (Score 3, Insightful) 655

Sharing: Willingly giving a portion of your possessions

Bzzt. I can share hugs, music, friendship, laughter, pain, and joy with others, but I wouldn't call any of those "possessions".

to another, denying you use or benefit thereof.

That presumes scarcity. If I share your post on Twitter, you are not deprived of it. Neither would I be.

Comment: Re:Your job (Score 1) 229

by Just Some Guy (#48629963) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?

Whatever the environment, there are jobs that require someone just to be there waiting for something unusual to happen. Even in the nuclear missile bunkers, I bet they spend about 95% of their time sitting around waiting for an alarm they hope never comes. You can only clean so much before it's time to lean. So what if OP works in a clean room? I bet there are plenty of "I'm paid to sit here" jobs in there, too.

+ - [meta] accidentally flagged 1

Submitted by TheSHAD0W
TheSHAD0W (258774) writes "So I accidentally clicked the "flag" icon on a submission, which immediately disappeared. I don't see any obvious way to undo this... I'm not sure how many accidental flaggings there are, but offering a way to un-flag a comment would reduce the load on moderators. Perhaps instead of making the entry disappear entirely, instead obscure the text and leave it there, so a second click on the icon would perform an undo?"

Comment: Boy who cried "wolf" (Score 2) 392

by antifoidulus (#48622967) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites
Have they ever read "The boy who cried wolf"? You warn people that their local community bulletin board website isn't encrypted enough times and they will probably start to ignore all your warnings. All this would probably do is annoy people to the extent that they will automatically click away any warning window, including when certs are invalid, possibly forged etc. In other words, it will really annoy people and could even be detrimental to security. Maybe if they restricted it to POSTs not GETs, though that may just incentivize lazy developers to use GETs instead of POSTs.....

Comment: Re:Weird article (Score 1) 176

by Andy Dodd (#48618925) Attached to: Army To Launch Spy Blimp Over Maryland

Also note, one of the reasons the project got canned was supposedly its inadequacy at friend vs. foe identification.

Privacy advocates are freaking out about a system that apparently can't even reliably tell the difference between "friendly" and "hostile" let alone "that vehicle belongs to John Doe! FOLLOW IT!!!!"

Also, tracking ground targets over terrain (land) is likely feasible at FAR shorter ranges than the 340 miles given in the article.

Comment: Interesting (Score 1) 140

by Andy Dodd (#48566685) Attached to: $35 Quad-core Hacker SBC Offers Raspberry Pi-like Size and I/O

Hardkernel used to be one of the #1 purveyors of Samsung Exynos development boards (The other being Insignal). Unfortunately, both Insignal and Hardkernel's BSPs for Exynos boards tended to be vastly outdated. (Hardkernel was even violating the GPL with some of their Android 4.2 releases for some of the Exynos 4412 boards for a while - putting up binary images with no source code in sight.)

Now even Hardkernel is putting effort into non-Haxxinos boards...

Comment: Re:Creators wishing to control their creations... (Score 4, Informative) 268

Why not? Why should the creator not be able to impose any restrictions they damn please?

Largely because of the first-sale doctrine, which codifies property rights sanity: if you sell me something, it is now mine, not yours. I can do whatever I want with it. Use my spatula as a screwdriver? Use a thermos bottle for a hammer? Watch scenes in a movie out of order? It's none of your business. I bought it. It is now my property, and I'm free to do with it as I please.

(Averting pedantry: of course that doesn't involve violating copyright. Straw men will be ignored.)

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