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Comment Re:First autonomous murder? (Score 1) 229 229

sure we can, all you need to know is their IMEI, GSM encryption has been horribly broken since forever. ennough semtex to ensure a kill would certainly fit on a drone. not exactly a hobbiest project but any suitably funded terrorist group or government should be able to whip one up quick

Comment use much lower resolution data (Score 1) 50 50

so why not set a sequence of battery states rather than actual %. "excellent" "ok" "poor" "critical" with 'excellent' being defined as ok to use as much resources as the application would like, 'ok' would be a request to minimize unnecessary utilization 'poor' being an enforced power restriction mode and 'critical' being an explicit warning that failure is imminent and data being handled may be lost instead of saved. The thresholds themselves will vary based on device and user settings. for example my blackberry cuts off radio signal below about 7% battery and so should export 'critical' around 10% shortly before it ceases communication and it refuses to turn on the camera light below around 17% (exact % point varies i think the actual decision is based on current battery voltage data not exposed to the user) so around there should trigger poor. there should be a setting of when to request lower intensity web pages on the power or browser settings that would tweak the excellent/ok point, and of course on a charger would put the device into excellent.

Comment Re:Tidal? (Score 1) 574 574

I believe him that it's not about the money, over the last few decades our methods of listening to music have gotten more flexible but also often worse quality. From vinyl to q track to casette then a reprieve with CD followed by degradations with MP3 and minidisk (R.I.P. in piss)

Comment Re:Farther-reaching implications (Score 1) 179 179

And this is where it gets to the hard part, the interface beween Bitcoin mathematics theory and the actual real world.

i don't think it does, anyone who is paying attention already knows that's it's mostly rubbish and that it's main virtue is that you can use it to buy illegal drugs online.

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