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Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

You've just answered your own question. If there is no difference, there is no truth in advertising issue, sot he FTC won't do anything. Whether there is a difference or not, I really can't say and I don't avoid GMO myself, and not preachy about GMO.

My concern is the the fact that some people ARE concerned, and simply have the right to know if itis GMO or not. The controversy and lack of long term science means people have the right to choose, but can only do so if they have information. Technically, that is what the FTC should be fore, but they tend to be spineless when it comes to stuff like this.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

"They might".

They also might not care until there are enough complaints, and there is almost no way to tell if something labeled "Non-GMO" really is, and if there is no current law on it, doing so in seemingly good faith has no consequences. Plus, it is doubtful any government agency is going to go out and look for extra work. Don't hold your breath on the FTC doing anything.

Comment Re:Is that really the right Question? (Score 1) 239

I agree. Furthermore, I'm confused about "laws" regarding ownership. In the future, if I take my ship and go to asteroid xyz, mine it, use the materials in space, is some government or corporation going to sue me because they somehow had technical ownership but no ability to get there? The idea of any government or world government regulating a space object that it has no ability to visit is pure comedy.

Just like in days of yore, you can't claim it if you can't stick your flag in it.

Comment Re:Will this work in the ticket in ticket out syst (Score 1) 79

it's really just causing the barcode reader to do what it was built for, the problem is the software is trusting uncontrolled user input (the barcode) without sanitizing it first, and also most of these units are set up with the barcode reader connected as a keyboard with access to do things it should not be allowed to do (i.e. if you unplug the scaner and hook a keyboard up you can do the same "BAD STUFF"

Comment Re:He's got his talking points (Score 3, Insightful) 478

Really? I guess Windows 10 really will be the last Windows. See, I have this strange idea that I own my computers and my Internet connection.

I can't remember when I opened an Office app with intent.
W10 won't run my old favorite games.
That flat monochrome UI is a regression to Windows 2.1, and makes long-existing apps look like poop.
My LAN took a vote and they're split down the middle on processors and terabytes between Windows and Linux, and I know who the Androids will support.
My last Windows anchor was Delphi, and I've switched to Lazarus.

Apple? An Apple Pi would have no I/O ports.

Comment Not to suggest a paid solution, but (Score 1) 47

I commonly get asked to program things that already exist, and it seems counter productive to reinvent the wheel. This is not an endorsement of this product, but they provide what you are looking for: Also if you want to do this yourself, you would want the kml files for congressional districts, they way you can geocode an address and determine which district is is inside. This I have done for other projects.

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