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Comment Re:Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 1) 227

as a 30 year old i can tell you exactly why everyone significantly younger than myself sucks, and it's not just a judging the shit out of the FNG thing.

I was in hichschool during the dotcom bubble burst and graduated as tech was making it's recovery

at and before my generation, just about everyone going to college for computer related fields did so because they were interested in it, my graduating class and beyond were when tech was well known among the general population as a means to financial success, this is also when tech disciplines started getting infiltrated by useless Feminists and Brogrammers who with no real interest or talent in writing decent code.

Comment Re:Naughty cannabis (Score 1) 232

that same crudeness provides a degree of safety, cannabis, whether burned flowers, vaporized oils, or edibles and tinctures, contain an large number of compounds which act in different directions and balance each other out a bit, you have agonists and antagonists, it seems these early synthetics hit one receptor one way really hard, and in this case someone is now dead.

Comment Re:HOMM3 is their best property (Score 1) 117

you need a couple of logistics officers (just other heroes) to bring troops to your main fighting heroes, and also to bring back newly upgradeable troops to a castle to upgrade them, also have these logistics heroes fight small targets regularly and visit shrines/etc so they have some competance when needed either due to ambush or due to needing more main fighting heroes in more places, then requit new logistics guys.

Comment Re:So what's the alternative? (Score 1) 117

foobar2000, and it has both true shuffle and random play.

i switched because around 2004-2005 winamp was beginning to be overwhelmed by my music collection, both in delays and with the UI being too hard to manage.

also tha "add to playback queue allows up to 64 queued plays without altering or creating playlists, and as playback proceeds from the last entry it can be used to temporarilly override order in one or more playlists or to create progressions between playlists, and it can have items right off the library view without adding them to a playlist.

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