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Comment Re:Will this work in the ticket in ticket out syst (Score 1) 79

it's really just causing the barcode reader to do what it was built for, the problem is the software is trusting uncontrolled user input (the barcode) without sanitizing it first, and also most of these units are set up with the barcode reader connected as a keyboard with access to do things it should not be allowed to do (i.e. if you unplug the scaner and hook a keyboard up you can do the same "BAD STUFF"

Comment Re:Dear Amazon (Score 1) 223

my blackberry supports it with no added software, just browse to the page and watch (use browser in desktop mode, amazon's mobile site keeps trying to shove you to the app) (and make sure you are on wifi because holy datacaps batman) buffering takes about 10 seconds, so not outstanding but not terrible either

Comment shit (Score 3, Insightful) 132

it really is quite shit. the loop of the lower case 'g' has variation in thickness near the stem, all the rest of the logo is constant width, and even putting the top stem looks dumb given the geometric style of the capital G.

the angle of the slant at the end of the 'g' is also inconsistant with the slant at the end of the 'e'

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