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+ - Carmakers Oppose opening up 5GHZ Spectrum Space for unlicensed WiFi->

Submitted by s122604
s122604 (1018036) writes "Automakers aren't too happy about a recent U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal, which uses part of the wireless spectrum assigned to vehicle-to-vehicle technology for Wi-Fi instead.

The FCC announced that it plans to free up 195 MHz of spectrum in the 5 GHz band for unlicensed use in an effort to address the U.S.' spectrum crisis. This could potentially lead to Wi-Fi speeds faster than 1 gigabit per second."

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Comment: Re:Honestly not that bad (Score 1) 646

by Lefty2446 (#41420611) Attached to: Ubuntu Will Now Have Amazon Ads Pre-Installed

Seriously? Ubuntu is not a top tier distro. They get the bulk of their work done for free via Debian. Putting the firmwares back in and skinning the product isnt going to take that much that Debian hasn't already done.

Debian is my favorite distro but they are a bit millitantly free on occasion making the product harder to use than it sometimes needs to be to fall in line with the DFSG.

This is why it pains me to use Ubuntu but crap like this makes Debian worth it.

Probaby came out like a troll or flame. Such is life.

You know you've landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.