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Submission + - Argentina: Judge blocks hundreds of Blogger sites. (

LeandroTLZ writes: "This hit the Internet about a week ago, but all of the news outlets reporting it have missed a very important detail. A federal judge ordered all of Argentina's ISPs to block a website that was publishing private emails from the president and some aides. The resolution to block the site can be read here at their national communications agency, and you will notice that it specifies one IP address to block, The major ISPs have indeed blocked that IP address completely. The problem is that the IP address was not just hosting that website; a simple WHOIS query reveals who it belongs to: none other than Google, Inc. Specifically, the address is used by Blogger to serve websites. Because of this, a significant number of blogs and webpages hosted at Blogger have disappeared from Argentina's ISPs. Magazines like, independent films like, business websites like and webcast sites like — they are all inaccessible from Argentina. No news outlet seems to be aware of this at the moment, and are treating the block as a freedom of speech issue against a single website, unaware that the judge has accidentally silenced hundreds, possibly thousands of websites."

Comment Re:See if you're vulnerable (Score 1) 205

My home ISP was vulnerable ( and so was a friend's. I just changed my DNS entries to OpenDNS and told my friend to do the same; took about two minutes. If you find you're vulnerable and don't want to risk being hit by this exploit, just change your DNS servers to the ones listed at until this is patched ( and

Submission + - GMail integrates AIM chat (

LeandroTLZ writes: "Google has started to roll out support for AOL Instant Messenger from within the GMail interface, running alongside the Jabber (Google Talk) network:

Today we are happy to tell you about a new feature we've started to roll out which will enable you to sign into your AIM account and chat with your AIM buddies right inside Gmail. When you log in to AIM through Gmail chat, your AOL buddies will appear in your chat list with friends from your Google Talk network, and you will see the yellow "running man" logo to the right of your AIM friends' screen names. To your AIM friends it will look like you are logged in to AIM as usual.


Submission + - Microsoft extends Windows XP sales to June 2008 (

LeandroTLZ writes: "Looks like customers wanting to avoid Vista have some more time to do so. A corporate vice president for Windows product management says, "maybe we were a little ambitious to think that we would need to make Windows XP available for only a year after the release of Windows Vista". System builders, or smaller companies that make and sell PCs, will still sell the older operating system until the end of January 2009."

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