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+ - A Space Elevator Could Now Be Possible With New Diamond Nanothread Invention->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "Scientists from Penn State University have discovered how to produce and string nanodiamonds together to form ultra-thin diamond nanothreads that could bring the long-held dream of space elevators to life, following almost a century of failed attempts by the international scientific community.

The researchers have succeeded in creating diamond nanothreads with extraordinary properties of strength and stiffness that are far stronger than today's nanotubes and polymers, using a specialised, large-volume, high-pressure device to compress benzene up to 200,000 atmospheres.

The high pressures caused the benzene to spontaneously polymerise into long, thin strands made up of hexagonal rings of carbon atoms in chains, rather than the usual three-dimensional lattice structure of a diamond."

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Comment: Because curbweight (Score 1) 3

by LeadSongDog (#47973887) Attached to: Does Marketing stand in the way Fuel Efficient Car Features?
Compare to and you'll see your new vehicle is almost 200 kg more massive (about 20%). Every time you accelerate that mass, you get nailed with a bill from Dr. Newton. In order to maintain the same acceleration as before, they had to increase torque 20% and displacement 12%. They claim the same fuel economy as 1999, but you're probably right that it has gotten worse, even with the slight reduction in fuel capacity.
If you want real economy, you need to shed some of that new mass. That means less soundproofing, fewer airbags, smaller battery and alternator, etc. Good luck getting that to market. Carmakers have been "upsizing" model-loyal customers since there's been repeat customers. Bigger means more features means more revenue. Of course, you could always get a Vespa...

Comment: Re:satellites? (Score 4, Interesting) 48

by LeadSongDog (#47967421) Attached to: SkyOrbiter UAVs Could Fly For Years and Provide Global Internet Access
LEO sats go past quickly, so you need bigger power budgets in lieu of beam steering. You also give up bandwidth to manage doppler. Best to use a mix: LEO channels for small packets with low latency, GEO channels for bandwidth. Smart routing and channel bonding does the rest.

+ - Long-Lasting, Water-Based Nuclear Battery Developed->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "Researchers working at the University of Missouri (MU) claim to have produced a prototype of a nuclear-powered, water-based battery that is said to be both longer-lasting and more efficient than current battery technologies and may eventually be used as a dependable power supply in vehicles, spacecraft, and other applications where longevity, reliability, and efficiency are paramount."
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Comment: Re:DNA? (Score 1) 222

by LeadSongDog (#47918475) Attached to: Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease

What if instead of sterilization we pass laws saying that if you knowingly and willingly pass defective genes on to your kid, you'll get prosecuted just as though you'd harmed them through abuse. For example, if a couple knew they were both carriers of the cystic fibrosis gene, they had a kid anyway, the kid had CF, and died at age 20, they would go to jail for murder.

captcha = "condom"

That would certainly discourage people from getting tested...

Comment: Re: Rule of thumb (Score 1) 122

by LeadSongDog (#47784229) Attached to: No, a Stolen iPod Didn't Brick Ben Eberle's Prosthetic Hand

(cut a slot; now it's a flat head screw).

Exactly what I did when my (name and shame) Shopvac stopped. Once I got past the "security" barrier, as usual, the last facade of quality fell away and the crap that it truly was stood exposed. I was astounded that this thing hadn't spontaneously burst into flames: the motor windings were exposed to sawdust! I replaced it with a different brand, but of course I'd be deluding myself to think it's really any better.

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