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+ - Cops leaned me over 18th floor balcony to get my password->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: If you want access to encrypted data on a drug dealer's digital device, you might try to break the crypto—or you might just try to break the man.

According to testimony from a police corruption trial currently roiling the city of Philadelphia, officers from an undercover drug squad took the latter route back in November 2007. After arresting their suspect, Michael Cascioli, in the hallway outside his 18th floor apartment, the officers took Cascioli back inside. Although they lacked a search warrant, the cops searched Cascioli's rooms anyway. According to a federal indictment (PDF), the officers "repeatedly assaulted and threatened [Cascioli] during the search to obtain information about the location of money, drugs, and drug suppliers."

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+ - Groupon refuses to pay security expert who found serious XSS site bugs->

Submitted by Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson writes: Bounty programs benefit everyone. Companies like Microsoft get help from security experts, customers gain improved security, and those who discover and report vulnerabilities reap the rewards financially. Or at least that's how things are supposed to work.

Having reported a series of security problems to discount and deal site Groupon, security researcher Brute Logic from XSSposed.org was expecting a pay-out — but the site refuses to stump up the cash. In all, Brute Logic reported more than 30 security issues with Groupon's site, but the company cites its Responsible Disclosure policy as the reason for not handing over the cash.

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Comment: Anything less would've disqualified her as CEO (Score 1) 193

by Lead Butthead (#49531417) Attached to: Yahoo Called Its Layoffs a "Remix." Don't Do That.

I think your sarcasm just flew right past me. She's no captain... unless you're thinking that Costa Concordia's Chicken of the Sea from a few years back (hot damn, never thought I do quote F_x News). I am waiting for an adventuresome CEO to phrase this type of affair as a bad case of diarrhea...

+ - The Great Canadian Copyright Giveaway: Copyright Extension for Sound Recordings->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Despite no study, no public demands, and the potential cost to the public of millions of dollars, the Canadian government announced yesterday that it will extend the term of copyright for sound recordings and performances from 50 to 70 years. The music industry did not raise term extension as a key concern during either the 2012 copyright reform bill or the 2014 Canadian Heritage committee study on the industry. For Canadians, the extension could cost millions of dollars as works that were scheduled to come into the public domain will now remain locked down for decades.
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+ - Federal agent smashes cellphone woman was using to record police activity...->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: After high-profile uses of force caught on video in places like South Carolina, New York and L.A.'s skid row, officers in the Southeast L.A. suburb had been told to take filming in stride. If you're not doing anything wrong, police brass reasoned, what do you have to worry about?

So on Sunday, when a lawman was caught on video snatching a woman's cellphone in South Gate as she recorded and smashing it on the floor, it was with relief that South Gate police said the officer wasn't one of their own but a deputy U.S. marshal.

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+ - German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Following a four-month trial, a German court in Hamburg has ruled that the practice of blocking advertising is perfectly legitimate. Germany-based Eyeo, the company that owns Adblock Plus, has won a case against German publishers Zeit Online and Handelsblatt. These companies operate Zeit.de, Handelsblatt.com, and Wiwo.de. Their lawsuit, filed on December3, charged that Adblock Plus should not be allowed to block ads on their websites. While the decision is undoubtedly a big win for users today, it could also set a precedent for future lawsuits against Adblock Plus and any other tool that offers similar functions. The German court has essentially declared that users are legally allowed to control what happens on their screens and on their computers while they browse the Web.

+ - Powernerd - Saddam intelligence officer masterminded rise of IS (Islamic State)

Submitted by Heart44
Heart44 writes: A former Saddam secret service agent specialising in logistics lost his job in 2003, took over IS in secret, installed the current figurehead leader and masterminded its strategy from the shadows. He was killed in January 2014 and did not have a Koran in his house where a trove of documents was found outlining the strategy of the IS. The story is mostly in Der Spiegel in English and German

+ - Copyright For Sale: What the Sony Docs Say About MPAA Buying Political Influence->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The linkage between political funding and the major copyright lobby groups is not a new issue as for years there have been stories about how groups like the MPAA and RIAA fund politicians that advance their interests. Michael Geist digs into the Sony document leak to see how the MPAA coordinates widespread buying of politicians with political funding campaigns led by former Senator Christopher Dodd to federal and state politicians. The campaigns include efforts to circumvent donation limits by encouraging executives to spend thousands on influential politicians, leading to meetings with Barack Obama, the head of the USTR and world leaders.
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Comment: you don't want their actions. (Score 4, Interesting) 107

by Lead Butthead (#49510989) Attached to: D-Link Apologizes For Router Security

Keep in mind this is a company that has a history of doing malicious things; willful violation of GPL that was resolved only when they're drag into the court and lost, hard coding default time server IP address in firmware (imagine hundreds of thousands of them all attempting to sync at the same time daily) It demonstrated a culture of (sociopathical) disregard for others, that alone is reason enough to not buy any of their products.

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