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Comment: I think you're being naive (Score 2) 71

by Lead Butthead (#37752472) Attached to: Feds Shy Away From Raiding Email Without Warrant

What if the ISP says 'not without a warrant' on this too?

I think you're being naive, if you're seriously hoping ISP would stand up and protect your rights. It's not a profitable thing to do and it is most certainly not in their interest (it cost money to fight this sort of things against the government.) With majority of the market being service by just a few major ISP, there's no incentive for them to go the extra mile to keep you as their customer.

Comment: you know, most of them don't even bother to read (Score 1) 186

by Lead Butthead (#37685426) Attached to: NYTimes Sues US Gov't To Know How It Interprets the PATRIOT Act

Most of the congress critters don't even read the bill that's being put up for a vote, assuming they bother to show up for the vote.

To be fair, most of the bills being put up for a vote are unnecessarily wordy and obscure, with six zillion unrelated amendments attached. All of which makes a very dry reading and makes layman's head spin (before exploding.)

Comment: fundamental error of the system (Score 1) 406

by Lead Butthead (#37662494) Attached to: High School Kills Color-Coded ID Program

fundamental error here is the assumption that school is for educating. it isn't, and not by a long shot. it is designed to brainwash children into conforming adults. educating and creating new generation of critical thinkers has nothing to do with state sponsored education system.

to that end, punishment and reward based system fits the intend perfectly.

Comment: ATi/AMD still lagging looooong way behind (Score 1) 104

by Lead Butthead (#37606320) Attached to: AMD Brings New Desktop Chips Down To 65W

My personal experience has been that with nVidia parts, their proprietary driver "just works" under Linux, on occasions when it can't even identify the part itself.

With ATi/AMD... not so much; more often than not, trying to install proprietary driver is like pulling teeth out of a pitbull's mouth. Even I get it to install, it only sort-of-kind-of works. Trying to uninstall it is downright insane.

I don't know why ATi/AMD suck this hard, or why it's so much effort to get anything they made to work. But frankly as an end user, I shouldn't know or care. Stuff either "just works" or will not be considered for purchase.

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