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Comment: Re:Update to Godwin's law? (Score 1) 420

by Le Marteau (#48042953) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

> So they are re moving the rights of the government. Which is to be able to search you under some conditions.

They are not "removing the rights of the government" to search anybody. They still can. But the people are under no obligation to maintain their lives so as to be ready prepared for a government inspector to drop by at any time and say, "Let me take a look at your paperwork, citizen".

Comment: Re:Think of the children (Score 1) 353

by Le Marteau (#48000707) Attached to: FBI Chief: Apple, Google Phone Encryption Perilous

And the first time they take someone to court and reveal they can crack this encryption, the cat's out of the bag. Which is why they won't take someone to court if they have to reveal such a thing. Which means that, pratically speaking, in this case people are safe from worrying about the feebs getting into their iPhone.

Comment: Re:Apple REULEZ! (Score 1) 408

by Le Marteau (#47956507) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

> Last time I used iTunes you had to import new music manually.

That is still the case, with the latest version. You have to manually tell iTunes to "Add a folder" or "Add a file". You cannot tell it to simply watch a folder for new stuff. For a music manager published in the year 2104 put out by a company that builds things that "Just Work" , that is astoundingly lame.

Comment: Re:Apple REULEZ! (Score 1) 408

by Le Marteau (#47955161) Attached to: Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

> If you check the little box that says "let iTunes manage my music library" it does

That does not work so well when working with a 2GB shuffle (which I use in the car, since it can be used without a display and instead uses a computerized voice).

It's bugs in dealing with podcasts REQUIRE me to manually manage them. It simply will not properly download the ones I want from the cloud automatically and I am forced to micromanage them.

I'm sure the technology behind the interface is teh ossim, but it's interface really is atrocious and is enough to compel me to seek products from other manufactures once my current devices die.

Comment: Re: The real crime here (Score 1) 465

by Le Marteau (#47795595) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

> Fake violence, like two guys punching it out, clearing the air and getting on with no lasting harm and no festering resentment.

A punch can bring serious injury or death. It's serious business, and the law recognizes it as such.

If someone won't stop punching you, people who carry weapons can use them in their defense.

Comment: Re:Does this office need Congressional approval? (Score 1) 117

by Le Marteau (#47793651) Attached to: Google's Megan Smith Would Be First US CTO Worthy of the Title

It's cute how you completely ignore that there are people who would 100% vote FOR a person because they were a woman and/or gay. Those on the left ADORE such people. I suspect the support FOR such a person is, these days, approaching the level of the bigotry AGAINST such a person so as to cancel each other out.

Similar is the harping on the left about the racism Obama overcame to become elected, completely ignoring the racism that worked FOR Obama, who achieved about 95% of the black vote. This put him over the top... most white people did not vote for Obama (feel free to look it up), it was the fact that black people voted as a block and almost exclusively for him that the man is now president.

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