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Le Marteau's Journal: Green Diamond tires SUCK 1

Journal by Le Marteau

I only post this, because I have to correct myself.

Last year, I recommended Green Diamond Tires. They put carbide granules ("artificial diamonds") in the tread, which make for some great traction on ice.

They are called "bead to bead retreads" which sounded good to me. What a fool I was.

How would you like to experience this doing 70 MPH on an eight lane interstate one fine day? (picture of tread separation, for those not into external links). You can see the granules clearly in the pic. Right alongside the tread separation.

Nice concept, Green Diamond, in theory. Too bad the reality leaves something to be desired.

Thanks anyway. I'll deal with the ice and snow. I'm more worried about high(er) speed driving, after that. I'll stick with real tires, thanks, anyway.

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Green Diamond tires SUCK

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