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Journal: [Beloved] It Is Not a Word

Journal by johndiii
It is not a word spoken,
Few words are said;
Nor even a look of the eyes
Nor a bend of the head,

But only a hush of the heart
That has too much to keep,
Only memories waking
That sleep so light a sleep.

-- Sara Teasdale

Comment: Re:Toying with the idea of building a box (Score 1) 6

by smitty_one_each (#47802103) Attached to: Seagate - At least I got a heads up
I'm mainly driving toward doing an AWS certification, but what I don't want to do is some kind of configuration boo-boo and get slapped with a $500 bill or something for random faffing about.
I'm saying that the sunk costs of a phat box to try some of these stylings offline, then push the configuration to AWS, at least seems less risky.

Comment: Re:The difference is.. speed? (Score 1) 455

by Cyberdyne (#47802009) Attached to: Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

Yep, once we hit 6 Mb per screen we should be all set... that's the speed compressed HD video moves at at most. Anything that moves faster than a 1080p screen can't be represented by humans that fast, until we get to 4Kx1080.

That's something that hit me quite recently: with an 80/20 Mbps VDSL2 line, I can honestly say it's "fast enough" for everything I do. My satellite STB has a semi-streaming mode, where it downloads a whole show and will start playing once it has enough to play through without pausing for buffering - and it always starts in seconds. Big downloads, I'm almost always limited by the far end anyway; they tend to take longer to install than to download anyway - so if I had the option of a faster link, would I actually get any benefit at all? Previously, I jumped on every increase: from dialup (pricey, even a 30 Mb download was an ordeal) to half-megabit cable modem (yay, I could grab hundred meg files overnight), to ADSL, ADSL2+ (nothing big enough to leave downloading overnight any more), 50 Mbps cable modem, getting a big improvement each time. (I even have the option of upgrading to 330/30 if I want, for a price ... and it really isn't tempting, in the way I would have jumped at any chance of better speeds before.)

Comment: If the Grand Ayatollah's against it.... (Score 1) 455

by Cyberdyne (#47801769) Attached to: Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"
The funny thing is, I recall a Labour MP here in the UK saying something comparably dim back in 1998! At that point, all we had was expensive metered dialup; I was in a group campaigning to change that, and happened to meet him at some event. His reply was that he "didn't think the Internet was a good idea". One of those moments I really, really wish I could have recorded!

Comment: Re:Why start now? (Score 1) 21

by smitty_one_each (#47799557) Attached to: An honest utterance
Wait: you get to accuse me of having my own party, accuse me of having privilege, then accuse me of insisting that you are a member of some established party? I don't remember saying you were the DNC chair, for all your utterances do rival those of Wasserman-Schultz for incoherence.
If you want an accusation, I think you're a defender of statism.
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Journal: Seagate - At least I got a heads up 6

Journal by stoolpigeon

Booted up my Fedora box at work this morning but instead of starting normally it put me in emergency mode with a message to check the logs. On the whole I'm very pleased with this development. It gave me a prompt to give it the root password and then I could view the logs with journalctl from there.

Comment: Re:I went from S2 to S5 (Score 1) 5

by stoolpigeon (#47798841) Attached to: The Glass On My Galaxy S3

I follow a similar pattern. I went from an S to the S3.

This was in part due to cost. If I am going to spend $600 on a phone, I treat it like any other computer purchase and I expect to get a minimum of 3 years out of the device.

Now that there are phones available that are of almost the same quality, at a much lower price I'll probably make a move - but not for at least a year. While I waited to repair this one I was using a Moto G and I loved it. The screen isn't as big, and it was a relief to get back to my Galaxy in that regard. But I'd say otherwise the Moto G was just as good but it cost less than $200.

People talk about the race to the bottom - and there are some awful Android devices out there but there are also some really nice devices that don't cost such a huge premium and I like to think of them as being part of the race to the middle. The point where I get maximum value.

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