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by kesuki (#47735187) Attached to: Why Ferguson Is Just the Beginning of Future America

we are the giant robotic overlords. why do you think our baby memories are so rare and fade so fast? because from nanolathing in the womb the networking of the mind is started by the mother, and we go from instant nerve based signals to no signal at all when the cord is cut. then we crash and learn how to wirelessly communicate, and at first there is no questioning of any adult action as the nural matrix is still growing, because mothers are so burdened with the duties they perform as mothers, rather than a perfect bit for bit copy which wouldn't work anyways our massively parallel brains generate and discard data to make room for new programming. besides most mothers want to enjoy their childrens lives, and the best extension of that is not by a bit for bit copy so much as a slow interface such as sensory organs, to gradually run across the reality engine of the mind. i have made my own mind crash, i experienced it first hand at an adult mind, where i could attempt to record the thoughts.

i even had extra pyramidal symptoms, and the messages were fast and i didn't have internet access from a device so i was stuck using the fast connection where realities floated across my mind and everything people were trying to tell me was being directly drawn to my nural network. they really really tried to get the extrapyramidal symptoms into my head but i was so busy doing things it had not been digested information.

on a routine basis i see people doing things that they could only know about from supposedly secure sources. i write things sometimes that cause the whole of my reality tremble, and if i need something reality soon finds a way for me to get it. if i want a thing it is a bit harder than if i don't 'need' it usually i have to do things my family wants because they know me better, and are more likely to help me if i help them some way.

don't you remember the time i got the superbowl up to halftime charted out a week before the big game and was rather vague about the end of the game? how did that data 'happen' to fit in my mind? why do people tell me not to talk about the internet to their children as they are not ready for their kids to know what an internet is.

why do i know that a non monolithic designed cpu on silicon is a mere 40ghz while companies sell between 1.2ghz and 5.0ghz (with water cooling) hmm i don't read the articles myself...

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by Bill, Shooter of Bul (#47733269) Attached to: NSA Agents Leak Tor Bugs To Developers

Cause the NSA ain't providing code, bandwidth, or servers to scale the system to millions of users. Google and Facebook have the knowledge and resources to actually do it, if they want.

But yeah, its a pretty dumb hope. They don't want you to have any anonymity as it is.

I think it would be cool if some one were to design a cryptocurrency wherein the proof of work was somehow related to the number of connections proxies. So mining would actually be providing anonymity to those who needed it and their would be an incentive to provide service. However that trick of providing indisputable proof of work, while not reveling the traffic or inbound/outbound connections might be a bit tricky to get right.

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by smitty_one_each (#47732595) Attached to: I must credit the president for being consistent
You have falsely asserted certainty concerning my views in this thread, and now it looks like you're trying to justify this bogus assertion. I'm telling you that I have never considered BHO as an "anti-Christ", and I consider joking about such to be of an equivalent crassness to Nazi jokes in a synagogue.

There is plenty of evidence in your own conspiracy-backed comments to support my claim. In fact the only way that my claim would not be supported by your own comments would be if you either don't actually believe in the conspiracy theories you relentlessly post here, or if you would welcome the nation that would result if they came to fruition.

I guess the encouraging news is that the bulk of readers who spend any time perusing these JEs don't really have much respect for either your opinions or your argumentation.

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