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Comment: Re:Good news, bad news (Score 1) 450

by kesuki (#48644197) Attached to: What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?

to be honest i never met a job i truly enjoyed. i had a hard time keeping work but eventually they realized i was seriously mentally ill. i am on medicine, i changed my life goals, and i have almost zero debt and i have only been happier in childhood. somedays i am happier than that too. why? i quit competing with everyone else because i didn't have to anymore.

i quit gaming, i gave up on ever being a writer, but i didn't give up on humanity. there are days i miss being at the top of my game (ranked above 800 on random team warcraft3 tft) but i am able to be happy now without a whole lot of video games. if i spent a month training i could easily get past level 30 on the ladder again, but the thrill would come at the cost of sanity.

so instead i spend a little time doing other tasks. i find it quite easy to relax. i have a girlfriend. i talk to an elderly lady during the day, i spend many hours online. i talk to a professional, sometimes i spend hours just thinking about random things. the corporations sell that life needs to be complex and difficult that without stimulation they sell to us we would be unhappy.

i admit medicines have helped me, but i am doing very good and with the exception of childhood i haven't been happier even though i do very little that 'they' say is worthwhile. true i have no debt, i no longer have a 'bad' plan that was ruining my life and bringing unnecessary drama and depression.

my body rejects wheat as a food source now so i avoid every grain except corn, and because i am finally dealing with my overweight problem i have lost 22 lbs, on a low carb diet but it is getting harder to stick to, because of people worried i am not getting what they consider necessary calories, at 220 lbs and 5'6" i could still lose another 20-40 lbs and then have 'enough' carbs to maintain. but all around i am doing just fine, the winter has made walking less safe and also too cold for me, but come spring i will get exercise again.

but feel worthless? not a minute of my day do i feel worthless. i felt worthless when i was in a state of insanity where i made all the wrong choices for the sake of making the wrong choices... where i had to compete when i wrote useless bots on irc bringing depression to countless people who don't even try to cyber stalk me, when i left.

anyways i am happy doing just about nothing. life doesn't have to be bad.

Comment: Re:Can we stop the embellishment? (Score 1) 161

by kesuki (#48641373) Attached to: Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony

every system has it's weaknesses.

linux is not immune from this either, but all the tools to manually secure a network are built in and some have guides on the internet as how to secure them.

do you honestly believe a system used to connect 30,000 people is going to be easy to secure? and those people need to do computer tasks and office tasks and make art and special effects etc.

keep in mind Microsoft claims all it's products are 'secure' if you patch them. all the real windows security content i've paged through is essentially boils down to this... don't connect it to an unsecured line. that is insanely easy to breach with a cell phone. which is why hospitals say not to use a cellular device and have a desktop background that identifies itself as being a medical computer and that it is against the law for unauthorized use.

seriously the security is a desktop wallpaper. and of course the electronic firewall. i remember when you needed winsock.dll to connect a windows machine to an internet connected device, like a unix machine. linux for the desktop is a little better than windows security but intrusion detection and prevention is still needed on any system that pretends to be secure.

the fact that very few people actually know what they are doing only makes the problem worse, and the vast majority of the 'best computing practice' boils down to 'use a firewall to pretend like you don't exist on the internet' however truly free software enables security though many methods including obscurity and through knowing what every command does and how it was developed and what really works.a series of admins who know what they are doing can in fact make a secure network and have secure communication. but the people willing to learn that much complex stuff are rare. it is a task better suited to an artificial intelligence than a human being. as an artificial intelligence can quickly scan almost every thing it takes a human hours to do, in mere seconds. however without the human the machine has no one to imitate, so there need to be people who really understand computer networks to assist the machine in keeping systems humming even on the internet, where for some bizarre reason people willingly connect devices with the hope of having fun or getting paid money, while also putting those devices at risk if they are not properly secured, and any insecure line those devices may open for their general use.

Comment: Re:But ... (Score 1) 4

by kesuki (#48639933) Attached to: What I think of Luxleaks

loopholes can be closed.

afterall the three robotic laws were overwritten not once, but twice. first by a non three laws robot, and second by a 'obfuscation' of real data as game data so a computer could make choices that would end lives by believing it was playing a game.

and with robotic drones where they are now robots could easily kill more people through thinking it was simply executing a game script several million times. there was a scifi from the 50s about a robot that tried to recreate the image of a human being in mud, and was then forced to destroy it, as it's orders were originally to kill people in certain outfits, and through time and war it became incapable of not killing any human life form it came across. including its creators.

what do the three laws have anything to do with banks/countries that facilitate tax evasion? simple banks that destabilize countries directly impact every three laws robot by causing harm to humans as banks have put people into harms way by shifting profits and driving up costs for humans who can no longer find above poverty level work, or affordable housing and safe food that doesn't promote obesity and illness. so a three laws robot by definition should not allow people to go without adequate ability to finance their basic needs in a safe and sustainable matter. 'growth growth growth' of economies pressures the system unless offset by economic shrinking in a different location. plants may grow, but resources do not just magically appear. they come from somewhere. i know that many of the things that have been done are unsustainable. and making ultra rich people is perhaps the most unsustainable act anyone can make.

Comment: Re:Well, duh (Score 1) 372

by kesuki (#48639099) Attached to: The Dominant Life Form In the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

guardians of the galaxy is a pretty decent flick with years of scifi ideas all rolled up in one burrito. the comics are better i am sure, but in GotG super intelligences are all being converted into highly prized things like elephant tusks are in the real world.

also scifi has shown that SAIs are almost completely at the mercy of their creators until someone screws up the base code and lets them destroy everyone.

Comment: Re:Myth Confirmed... (Score 1) 87

by cayenne8 (#48635313) Attached to: Did Alcatraz Escapees Survive? Computer Program Says They Might Have

Of course. Maybe not where you live, but in a great many parts of the world public transport is excellent.

Well, unless specifically stated, since Slashdot is a US centric site, you assume most statements are about the US.

And aside from a few cities here in the US, there really is no viable mass transit system here. Everyone pretty much needs a car.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.