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Australia Repeals Carbon Tax 288

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schwit1 notes that the Australian government has repealed a controversial carbon tax. After almost a decade of heated political debate, Australia has become the world's first developed nation to repeal carbon laws that put a price on greenhouse gas emissions. In a vote that could highlight the difficulty in implementing additional measures to reduce carbon emissions ahead of global climate talks next year in Paris, Australia's Senate on Wednesday voted 39-32 to repeal a politically divisive carbon emissions price that contributed to the fall from power of three Australian leaders since it was first suggested in 2007.

Comment: Re: The Heartland Institute (Score 1) 552

by Layzej (#47460535) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

Arctic sea ice is trending near record lows for this time of year, abnormally warm ocean water helped spawn the earliest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in North Carolina, and a rash of heat waves have plagued cities from India to California to the Middle East.

Yikes, that all sounds alarming right? Except...

Except nothing. You can nitpick by look at this year or that, but look at the trend. Summer minimum extent has dropped by half and is accelerating:

Comment: Temp data confirms radiative physics (Score 1) 552

by Layzej (#47460345) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

the ice figures on that site you linked to are measured from 1979. You might want to ask yourself why.

It is because that's when they launched the satellite. But I'm guessing you believe there is a conspiracy to hide data from 1978 showing lower sea ice? I'd also wager a guess that you have doubts as to the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate.

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by Layzej (#47434209) Attached to: Peer Review Ring Broken - 60 Articles Retracted
Are you suggesting that all scientists who study signal analysis are colluding to deceive policy makers and that the entire field is actually bogus propaganda? Cuz that's what those other guys are suggesting. If there is a small group of bad actors they will be rooted out (as was seen in this case) and as has been seen in climate science as well: .

Comment: Science works (Score 2) 109

by Layzej (#47381405) Attached to: How Did Those STAP Stem Cell Papers Get Accepted In the First Place?

There are examples where papers on global warming tried to game the system but were found out in short order. For an example see this article where Dr. Roy Spencer sneaked a botched paper past the peer-review system by submitting to an off-topic journal. Because the reviewers were not familiar with the topic they were not aware that the methodology described in the paper had already been refuted by previous literature. Within days the journal editor had resigned:

“The problem is that comparable studies published by other authors have already been refuted in open discussions and to some extend also in the literature (Trenberth et al. 2010), a fact which was ignored by Spencer and Braswell in their paper and, unfortunately, not picked up by the reviewers.”

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by Layzej (#47353143) Attached to: NASA Launching Satellite To Track Carbon

earth's temperature will not spiral out of control

What does "spiral out of control" mean? The literature shows that there will be economic consequences to increased warming and that mitigation will be cheaper than adaptation. You will not find "spiral out of control" in the literature.

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by Layzej (#47319267) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

Record levels? Not even close. Not even half:

If they had kept nuclear the picture would be even rosier. Hopefully other countries will take a more pragmatic approach, but it is amazing what they have accomplished even while shutting down nuclear.

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