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+ - Quantum teleportation achieved over 16 km-> 1

Submitted by Laxori666
Laxori666 (748529) writes "Scientists in China have succeeded in teleporting information between photons further than ever before. They transported quantum information over a free space distance of 16 km (10 miles), much further than the few hundred meters previously achieved, which brings us closer to transmitting information over long distances without the need for a traditional signal."
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+ - Google announces Chrome OS

Submitted by Laxori666
Laxori666 (748529) writes "Google's plan to take over the world continues. They have just announced Chrome OS. From the article:

Chrome OS is intended to be a very lightweight, quick-starting operating system whose central focus is supporting Google's Chrome browser. Applications will run mostly inside the browser, making the web — not the desktop — into the computer's default operating system.

It seems to be an extension of Google Chrome itself — an OS designed entirely to support the web browser. Didn't Microsoft have some kind of problem when they deeply integrated Internet Explorer into Windows? How is this any different?"


+ - Police Breathalyzer Software found Terrible

Submitted by Laxori666
Laxori666 (748529) writes "The defense counsel in State v. Chun have finally succeeded in analyzing the source code for the Alcotest 7110 MKIII-C breathalyzer device. The software has been found extremely faulty, citing a potential 19400 errors in the code, along with 12 major bugs where the software fails terribly. This doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. Is this another example where open source software would help?"

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