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Comment 5-dan pros have been beaten in the past (Score 1) 149

Computers have beaten higher-ranked players (Catalin Taranu, 5-p) on the 9x9 board. Computer go is nowhere near computer chess where humans cannot stand a chance against the top engines like Komodo, which is rated over 3300 ELO.

I cannot help but notice that Google are advertising their AI system, after IBM pushed Watson for years, and Microsoft have recently open-sourced their system:

I am curious though about the result against a 9-dan pro, and what will such a player say about the way the engine plays.

Comment Battlebots rip-off (Score -1, Troll) 77

I remember the old Battlebots of 2001-2002. It was a really great show, and then the Robot Wars was made as a copycat about a year later. Now that Battlebots has been restarted, I see that Robot Wars is restarted as well, with the usual 1 year lag.

Comment They are mechanical devices after all (Score 1) 146

What people want is different from what the industry wants.
The industry wants to expand, hence the push for a lot of crap being put in the dashboard, as if anyone wants to use Windows when driving.

But now the automotive market has been identified as non-saturated with IT crap, so the industry will fill this niche.

A consumer which is ready to splash over 10K on a car is much more likely to accept to spend a few hundred extra for the in-car entertainment system, which is esentially a tablet, while one looking for a stand-alone tablet may not accept to pay more than about 100 (in USD/GBP/EUR).

That is the main reason NVidia has directed its Tegra at the automotive market instead of standalone tablets. It is only a matter of consumer perception, and a lot more money can be taken from the final purchaser if the tablet is bundled with a much more expensive purchase.

Comment Easier access to your personal data (Score 1) 108

Now each app will be able to get full access to your Google account, vacuum up e-mail, etc.
Not that they didn't have already, but not being covert access removes any grounds for class action lawsuits.

Hey, you agreed to it give the app full access to your account the moment you (insert action here).

Comment It's what they do with the data that matters (Score 1) 423

The whole idea of having some device calling the authorities for you is the correct one if the _intent_ were that of helping people.
If that were the case I would volunteer to get tracked, and I would install cameras in my own home.

Unfortunately, in the current climate it is not. This push for everything being spied on/intercepted/unencrypted is not pushed by law enforcement, but by the corporations behind the politicians. Remember the original conditions to have an Xbox One working ?
The webcam must be always on, or you can't play on it.

Take the latest knife attack in the London Tube. It seems that the family of the attacker has actually warned the police that he was up to something. Yet he was not stopped. Was any encryption hampering the cops ? Was GPS tracking needed ?

Law enforcement does not care about collecting data, but they have to say that they do, as ordered by the politicians which are in turn owned by personal data obsessed corporations.

Comment Pay and you still see ads (Score 2) 223

The problem is that the well is irreversibly poisoned.
You can pay for access to the site, and you still get bombarded with ads. From the point of view of the those running the site, they already got your money. Then if they get a bit of extra profit from the advertisers, all the better.

Same if you pay to have any data stored in the atmospheric water vapor formations and kept "private". It will still be sold to 3rd parties, except that it will command higher prices.

"Hey, this guy is paying to keep your nose out of his data, so if you want to stick your nose in it, it will cost you extra." And they get your money as well.

This business model pushes everyone to be a freeloader. Since you get the freeloader treatment anyway, why pay for it ?

Comment Politicians protecting themselves (Score 3, Interesting) 167

The whole surveillance thing has only one purpose: prevent any more leaks of shady deals done by the politicians.

Whenever dirt is being dug on the politicians, it is released over the Internet.

If every single keystroke is spied on people releasing the dirt will be immediately identified, along with those reading it.

It's all about politicians protecting themselves.

Comment New angle of attack ? (Score 1) 688

The last round of big attacks on Linux happened abound 2003-2004. Remember SCO, Laura DiDio, Ken Brown, Ballmer, etc ?

Those were external attacks and it only made the community stick together even closer.

Now a bit of astroturfing, staging some discontent inside the community. After all, nothing divides a community the way success does. Looks like a short-lived stunt.

Comment Depends on what makes you comfortable (Score 2) 928

One of the reasons large software projects, developed over many years, fail is that there are so many cooks participating in the making of the broth. There will always be someone who "knows better" than to follow the rules set in place when the project originally started. The project grows into a large ball of spaghetti, and nobody knows where it starts and where it ends.

Linus deserves a Noble Prize for keeping such a large project going strong for so many years, and that without any of the developers being his employees. Yes, the threat of being fired does prevents some of the cooks from spoiling the broth.

And then there are people who thrive in a political environment, and software development is very political. Some developers are very good at assigning and deflecting blame, and the larger the ball of spaghetti, the better they do.

Linus did not want to see his project fail this well-known way, so his rude comments are very much a necessity to keep the "know better" blame assigners/deflectors in line. So far the approach has worked fine.

In turn, this has created an environment where people who prefer to play the politics do not feel comfortable. And just as many people quit their jobs because they cannot put up with the politics, so do others quit from places where being political does not give them a competitive advantage.

I am reproducing Linus' words here ( :

"Because if you want me to 'act professional,' I can tell you that I'm not interested. I'm sitting in my home office wearing a bathrobe. The same way I'm not going to start wearing ties, I'm *also* not going to buy into the fake politeness, the lying, the office politics and backstabbing, the passive aggressiveness, and the buzzwords. Because THAT is what 'acting professionally' results in: people resort to all kinds of really nasty things because they are forced to act out their normal urges in unnatural ways."

Comment Cut the kid some slack (Score 4, Interesting) 95

You make some very important points in your post: for your new product to take over, it needs to do everything the old product does, and then do something better. However, take this into account:

1) The team that built Deep Blue were IBM employees, and had so they had different resources available. I doubt this student (I call him kid) had a grandmaster available to help him fine-tune his evaluator, or a fab to build custom silicon for his chess-playing machine. Also, it is very instructive to watch the documentary "Game Over" to learn a few things about how IBM used the game against Kasparov to push up their share price. That should gave some idea of the resources they have thrown at the project.

2) The same Deep Blue team were coming from the CS department at Carnegie-Mellon Univ. where they did their Ph.D. on computer chess, and studied with a prof that spent a lot of his career on this subject. They were grown-ups with a lot of experience in the field, and much wiser than a young student.

3) The current computer chess champion (Komodo) again had its evaluator fine-tuned by a grandmaster:

4) Most of the top chess programs have been written by programmers that have written other chess engines before. Their "success" is their 3rd of 4th re-write of a chess engine, and no amount of talent can replace that kind of experience.

Given all these points (and a lot more that can be identified along the same lines) I would say this kid did a good job.

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