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Comment: Hidden SSIDs and MAC addressing? (Score 1) 469 469

Clearly MAC address blocking can prevent most unwanted access but is a pain to setup every time you have a guest. Wonder how this "feature" handles hidden SSIDs? normally you need to check an extra box to connect to a hidden network. That wouldn't prevent those determined to get acces but might stop the random casual use by neighbors.

Comment: Costs ignored? (Score 2) 370 370

What would the cost have been without foreign sanctions? Without restrictions on suppliers? Iran has long said they wish to build many nuclear plants yet in the sanctions regime that is near impossible. Absent those issues the cost would be much lower, yet might still be considered high by 1st world standards.

Why does the US waste $1 trillion on the F-35 program? Are there not other cheaper alternatives?

Clearly both countries have made decisions based on their own internal metrics and view those costs as acceptable.

Comment: The New Nazis (Score 2) 815 815

are the far left - free speech, free expression, as long as it conforms to their speech and their expression

So sick of the pussies that corp Amerika has become. Uncle like people would really stop shopping at Amazon because they fulfill orders for Confederate flag? Really?

You don't want a Confederate flag then don't buy one. Pretty simple.

And unlike a bricks and mortar where *gasp* your sensibilities might be offended by seeing one on display, you aren't going to get a flag in your search results unless you are actually searching for one.

Comment: Re:How many times? (Score 1) 389 389

A bit late on the reply but...

By this logic, if I have a party or just an outing with friends at a beach or park and we play music on a boom box, the fact that it can probably be heard by others relatively nearby our group seems to indicate that the law is broken and we should be getting a license.

That, to me, is crazy.

Comment: Another excuse for government involvement (Score 1) 666 666

in your daily life. There is absolutely no good reason for the FDA or any other government body to be involved. People should be free to take any natural substance if they so chose to do so. And there are vast resources available to anyone who wishes to research any of these products.

Stop trying to "save" us from ourselves.

Comment: Re:How many times? (Score 5, Interesting) 389 389

If I buy a CD and play it in my home, how many others may be in the same room listening before I need to pay a fee?
If a company buys a CD and plays it at their place of business, who else may be in the room listening before they need to pay a fee?

I do not know the answer buy my personal opinion is "as many as I want" unless as a business the main reason why customers are paying me is to listen to those specific songs, in that case I am re-marketing them.

Comment: Re:Back up a minute here (Score 2) 546 546

Very good at restating the NSA party line. They have no idea what he took or did not take and the figure you site is their guess at the maximum.

Further - TFA is talking about MI6. NSA has nothing to do with MI6 agents or assets and its pretty unlikely that any NSA documents are going to reference operational assets of another agency (ie, CIA) let alone a foreign one.

You may not have noticed that UK is having a marginally interesting "debate" on just how far up their ass they want to let their government spooks look. I'm just shocked that a story like this would be planted in one of the less reputable press outlets at the same time.

If any assets or agents have been exposed, far more likely it is due to their own incompetence. If an Italian prosecutor can figure it all out then so can the Russian and Chinese counterintel officers who do that type of thing for a living.

Both the CIA and MI6 have become increasingly ameteurish since the end of the cold war. Snowden is just a convenient foil.

+ - Free Speech Under Attack - By The DOJ->

Lawrence_Bird writes: The past couple of months saw many claims of free speech being under attack in relation to cartoons of the prophet of a certain religion. Yet, once again, we see that the most significant attacks on free speech are not from islamic fanatics but from the US government. has obtained a subpoena against seeking to obtain identifiying information about commenters in a thread about the Silk Road verdict. The comments are all clearly over the top and are protected political speech.
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Comment: not the best article (Score 3, Interesting) 135 135

as it omits (this from the NYT)

After the two bills failed, Mr. McConnell offered a series of agreements to pass ever-shorter extensions, including one for a single day, that required the full consent of the Senate. But Mr. Paul, joined by the Democratic Senators Ron Wyden of Oregon and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, objected — leaving the matter to next Sunday.

“This is a debate about whether or not a warrant with a single name of a single company can be used to collect all the records,” Mr. Paul said. “All of the phone records of all of the people in our country with a single warrant. Our forefathers would be aghast.

Mr. Paul has made clear that he wants the House bill, known as the USA Freedom Act, brought to the floor with an open amendment process so he can have the chance to toughen it.

Getting the job done is no excuse for not following the rules. Corollary: Following the rules will not get the job done.