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+ - Plummeting BDP on High Speed Lines

Submitted by Lawrence_Bird
Lawrence_Bird (67278) writes "In trying to track down a tcp problem today I've stumbled upon what seems to be a nasty little issue — incredibly low ping times!

I have a 25Mbps line and in checking RTT to places I frequent, I found that the times are tanking. Not that long ago, a fast link was like 60ms with most around 90-120ms, twice that overseas. Now many are coming in the 45-80ms range. But quite a few others, like youtube (6ms) google (7.5ms), apple (15ms) (20ms) slashdot (30ms) , are a lot shorter.

This presents a very difficult problem. How to best tune RWIN? The rule of thumb had been to make rwin just greater than your typical BDP and most information on the topic is written at a time when high speed lines were starting to appear but latency was still high (>100ms). But now we have a situation where yes, rated speeds are high, but latency has dived to next to nothing for major internet sites but may still be high(er) elsewhere creating not a 2 or 3 to 1 range of RTTs but instead as high as 25 or 30x!

To optimize for google would require setting it to under 24,000 bytes. In fact, any average ping time below 48ms will (I think) saturate if RWIN is over 65,535 (the point at which scaling would take over). Yet there are still a goodly number of places that are over 80ms (say and of course europe and asia can be 200ms.

So I am curious what others are doing to tune RWIN to provide the necessary throughput on the longer latency runs against these now incredibly short pings"

+ - Ron Paul Raises More Than $3M Online in 18 hours 2

Submitted by Lawrence_Bird
Lawrence_Bird (67278) writes "Republican Presidential candidate has raised in excess of $3 million since midnight. Grassroots supporters organized a 'money bomb' campaign for 5 November — Guy Fawkes day (remember, remember the 5th of Novemeber). At about 5:50pm EST, the total passed the $3 mio mark and is on a pace for over $4 mio by midnight. The NY Times political blog has more details."

+ - Ron Paul More Cash On Hand Than McCain

Submitted by Lawrence_Bird
Lawrence_Bird (67278) writes "Longshot Republican presidential hopeful and internet phenom Ron Paul (TX-14) reported today his campaign has more cash on hand ($2.4M) than does John McCain ($2M) and only slightly less than Mitt Romney ($3M excluding his personal loans). Paul's spokesman noted(nytimes) that most of the donations were via the internet and that Paul is able to run a much more frugal campaign (he has only 11 staffers) because of his wide spread support via sites such as youtube and meetup. The campaign was also the first to provide an iPhone specific platform to allow access to campaign materials."
The Internet

+ - Mapping the Net->

Submitted by Lawrence_Bird
Lawrence_Bird (67278) writes "Summary: Routing traffic through peer-to-peer networks could stave off Internet congestion, according to a new study. Technology Review has the story, complete with a very pretty picture. The study also notes that even cutting off the 'core' will allow up to 70% of the 'mantle' of internet connections to continue functioning."
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