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Comment Fire Timothy (Score 1) 1823

Can you cut lose whomever Timothy is/are? And maybe hire somebody who will actually take the time from their very busy day to make sure posts are not duplicates, are not clickbait, are reasonably coherent submissions... basically all those things you expect a person with editorial responsibilities to do?

Comment Re:Premature Conclusions be Damned (Score 1) 571

She received material from SAPs which even if markings were removed (if they existed) she would know were highly classified from being briefed on the programs. She had an obligation to report those breaches and did not. The consequences for a DoD or IC community employee doing the same would have included termination and most likely prosecution. Transferring material from a secure system to an insecure one is the equivalent to making a copy and bringing it home. See forrmer CIA director Deutch for an example.

Comment Re:US Government Classifies Emails After Review (Score 1) 571

This. She had an obligation to report any mishandled classified information sent to her. In the case of the SAP material, she would have known that was only available from a private network. It is pretty clear that she (and many of her staff) just didn't give a fuck.

Comment Netcraft Confirms Slashdot Dead (Score 1) 1305

still some hanger on's though.

But seriously - when was the last time /. had any meaningful story before some other aggracator such as Hacker News? Rarely bother with the comments on something I've already read and seen comments elsewhere that for all intents will be similar to anything here.

It is kind of shocking that the new boss says they aren't going to make many changes (at least not soon!) Might really be dead by the time they try to fix it.

Comment Re:I've made my peace with systemd (Score 1) 242

I made my peace nearly 10 years ago when I bailed on Slakware (and I was one of its early adopters in the 90s). While I did like the underdog status of NetBSD, I settled on FreeBSD, have not looked back and use it on servers, desktops and even a laptop (gasp!). Perhaps I'm more easily satisfied because new shiny never was a big thing to me.

Comment Re:Homegrown? Come on (Score 4, Insightful) 676

Apparently nor do you as she was Pakistani.

It is domestic because it was not (from what has been leaked as "known" so far) directed from outside the US.

And as wtih Paris, the hyperventilating over the death of a small number is sickening (don't confuse that with a lack of sympathy for the dead/wounded). The number killed in terrorist attacks (even using the incredibly lose definitions of the government) is, well, not even microscopic. So yeah, lets just toss away more of our rights and liberties to let "daddy" protect us from something he can't stop and is very rare (see Paris - they knew most of the attackers) After all, those rights and liberties don't serve any real purpose so just give them back to the terrorists.

What I do want to hear from Obama before he creates a new Stasi is who from DHS will be fired for giving her a visa in the first place.

Comment Re:let them start their own (Score 1) 135

RELX, the parent holding company in 2014 had revenues of 5.77B euros and net profit of 955M euros - 16.5%. That includes all lines and overhead. In the segment breakout, Sci/Tech/Med revenue was 2.048B euro w/ adjusted operating (not net) profit of 762M, 37.2%

Those figures are hadly that of an abusive monopoly.

Comment Re:let them start their own (Score 1) 135

That figure is vastly underestimated. It does not account for any human time, either in technical administration or copy editing and proofing. Hosting at a shared host? Are you kidding? The chosen archiving 'solution' strikes me as abusive of original author copyright but regardless, who is doing the day to day backups? Where are they stored? Who is doing restoration? What happens when free helpers leave? Get sick?

This type of setup may be appropriate for something in-house, like a departmental journal but I think it fails on many levels when it comes to the requirements of the real world. I shudder to think of something like Physical Review being run this way.

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