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Comment: Good luck with that (Score 2) 187

by Lawrence_Bird (#47515717) Attached to: China Plans Particle Colliders That Would Dwarf CERN's LHC

LEP operated around 209 GeV in 27Km so this Chinese proposal of 240 GeV at 52Km is.. underwhelming. Realize things like labor cost less in China but this isn't a high rise they are making. LHC cost amost $5B to build. Where is China getting the magnets? I'm not sure US export controls will allow a sale. And then there are those pesky detectors which are technological marvels themselves.

Still unfortunate that we can't scale up anti-proton production to levels necessary for high luminosity.

Comment: Re:Why fly over a war zone? (Score 1) 751

by Lawrence_Bird (#47481863) Attached to: Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

er no, I am saying primary fault is with the airline. secondary "fault" are the combatants. If you, as a civilian, go into a known war zone and then are shot (intentionally or not) the primary blame is with you for going where you clearly should not be. That you perceived the area of the war zone you were traversing to be "safe" is immaterial. You went into a warzone, you take the risk of death.

I have heard some on the news say that the plane was rerouted because of "weather". Again, there were many other rerouting choices which would not include flying through this region but they all probably cost a few bucks more. And it is not like a tornado suddenly emerged, this was a large weather system and known prior to departure.

Sorry, this is an airline risk management fail first and foremost. Arguing that combatants (and probably poorly trained ones) should know the difference between an AN-26 and a commercial jet misses the point.

Comment: Re:Why fly over a war zone? (Score 4, Insightful) 751

by Lawrence_Bird (#47476577) Attached to: Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

Planes have already been shot down as part of the hostilities. To assume that because your commercial flight is flying higher than those it can't possibly be targeted is the height of stupidity. Likewise falling back on the 'well, Ukraine never closed their airpsace'. Just because a road is open does not make it wise to take it.

I'm sure flying over Ukraine is a cheaper route for the airlines. Until something bad happens and your bird drops. This is all about a failure of risk management. It is one thing if your final destination is in/near the hostilities. Then you make a decision if you are going to fly that route, well thats the only way to go and everyone knows whats what before you start. But to do a fly over when you can easily route around it (even within Urkraine) is stupid.

Comment: Re:Another boondoggle (Score 1) 90

Kuwait: bombing went on for a month prior to that. Grenada: Operations were already well underway before a small Marine amphibious landing

Few landings of Marines happen in contested zones and one of the only reaons they continue to try to build things like this is the ego of the Marine's who feel without the amphibious capability they are just Army. Rather than think of better ways of delivering equipment they just try to make a new spin on an old story.

Comment: Re:Or maybe ... (Score 2) 230

by Lawrence_Bird (#47452573) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

You could say the same thing about reports (or lack thereof) of rural crime of all times. I spend a large part of the year in a fairly remote rural area. We have no police department. The only option is the state police who can take up to 45 mins to respond after 8pm. End result is a lot of shit goes unreported, not just because it seems pointless to do so, but also beause of potential retribution.

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