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Comment: Women need to get overthemself (Score 0) 382

by Lawrence_Bird (#47947681) Attached to: Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem

Now before I get marked as a troll let me say I am not suggesting that all complaints of harrassment or assault are ficticious or embelishements. But lets be honest here - a guy looking at a woman in the office is viewed by women a lot differently than when one of their female coworkers checks out a male worker. And then there is the flipside - the woman who holds a grudge seemingly against all males because she is not pretty and does not get that kind of attention - regardless of whether she advances in her career or not. Men are damned if they do and damned if they don't while women get the free pass.

So I guess I come at this from the "fat? no of course that dress doesn't make you look fat because you aren't!" school of things because we all know what happens if you don't answer precisely that way. Isn't it time that women (as a group) just get over it?

Comment: Re:Rather than address the underlying problem (Score 1) 321

by Lawrence_Bird (#47936087) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

you either have to cut services or raise other taxes

Maybe taking the punch bowl away makes governments more responsible about what they spend our money on?

And if the choice is between getting 0 (because a company leaves entirely) or a lower rate, isn't a lower rate better?

And with a lower tax rate, who benefits? Must be those naughty shareholders right? Hmm

The largest component among U.S. retirement assets remains IRAs, with $5.68 trillion for the first quarter, according to the ICI report. The second largest is the $5.37 trillion in DC plans, and the third-largest component is government defined benefit plans with $5.2 trillion in assets.

Private-sector DB plan assets remained essentially flat at $2.66 trillion for the first quarter of 2013. Since the beginning of last year, DB assets have hovered between $2.6 trillion and $2.7 trillion, the report said.


It is estimated that roughly 55% of pension assets are in equities - either directly or indirectly thru hedge funds.

Comment: Re:Rather than address the underlying problem (Score 1) 321

by Lawrence_Bird (#47936017) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

Historically low total tax as a percentage of GDP in a very long time

I think that sentence disqualifies the rest of what you have said. In any event, let me try to put this in a simple way so that you can understand.

When your income is 30K units you probably own a mediocre TV.
When your income rises to 60K units you probably own a nice TV.

If your income continues to rise, are you going to a) continue buying a new, more expensive TV because you can and/or b) just keep buying more TVs in total? You would need to in order to maintain the same TV consumption as % of total personal GDP.

So the take of the government off the top as a % of GDP is an incredibly stupid way to look at this.

Comment: Re:maintenance costs (Score 1) 249

by Lawrence_Bird (#47896583) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros

Really? So Linux is support and maintenance free? It just magically installs and configures itself? Trains the users? Installs patches? Or are you expecting each user to do this on their own? And who will monitor the security of each system?

Also left out of this whole "saved" calculation is the cost of time lost due to frustration with incompatabilities between open source software and "global standards". Likewise the need to find replacements for more specialized software.

It's time to boot, do your boot ROMs know where your disk controllers are?