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Comment A costume might help (Score 1) 430

To the OP: if you're gonna go with this idea, it might also help get the kids attention if you wore a costume that makes you look like a computer. I'm thinking a box that looks like a CRT monitor on your head and maybe a shirt with a keyboard drawn on it. You got the idea. BTW, good luck on your noble quest!

Comment Re:distributing the private API key (Score 1) 262

Or not including the key in the source code at all. I have written a Dropbox client and Dropbox also uses OAuth for authentication, and I didn't include the key in the source code. And now when someone wants to compile my application, they have to get a new key from Dropbox. Only the binaries I distribute include the key Dropbox gave me.

Comment UI / Logic Separation (Score 1) 440

The next big thing might be the separation of UI and core program logic. An example of this is what Nokia's Qt is heading towards: QML for UI (which is similar to or might even be a subset to Javascript, I am not sure) and Qt for the program logic and actual implementation of functionality. This is a powerful approach and it has many advantages that I think most Slashdot reader know. This might a new (optional) strategy for Microsoft applications, HTML5/Javascript for the UI and .NET for the implementation. Disclaimer: I am an expert in neither Qt/QML nor HTML5/Javascript/.NET and what I am saying is just a thought, and I haven't heard about Microsoft (or anyone else for that matter) saying that this is what they are aiming at. I just wanted to share a thought.

Submission + - Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Released - See What`s N->

An anonymous reader writes: After the usual 6 months of development, Ubuntu 11.04 has finally been released.

Ubuntu 11.04 doesn't come with GNOME 3 / GNOME Shell (in fact it's not even available in the repositories but only in a PPA) and instead it comes with an interface designed especially for Ubuntu called Unity (based on GNOME 2.x). Unity was already default in Ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition but besides being default for the desktop edition (the netbook edition doesn't exist anymore starting with 11.04), it was also completely re-written and now uses Compiz.

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Submission + - Nokia's new strategy: Windows Phone 7->

An anonymous reader writes: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced Friday that the Finnish mobile phone maker would make a radical shift in its business strategy, highlighted by a switch to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform.

Elop, who joined Nokia (NOK) in September after heading Microsoft's business division for the two years, spoke about the company's future at a strategy conference held in London. The announcement comes in the wake of a memo he sent to Nokia employees earlier this week in which the CEO described the company as standing on a "burning platform." Nokia will die if it does not change the way it does business, he said.

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Nokia Releases Qt 4.6 6

Lawand writes "Nokia today released Qt 4.6, the latest version of the cross-platform application and UI framework. Featuring new platform support, powerful new graphical capabilities and support for multi-touch and gestures, and this is the first release to include significant code contributed from the community. This release introduces support for the Symbian platform with integration for the S60 framework, expanding the addressable market for Qt applications by over 130 million Symbian devices."

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