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Comment: Re:Requires insanely cold temps? (Score 1) 43

by Laukei (#34590664) Attached to: Physicists Improve Spin Information Storage
There is that, but equally for applications that require no magnetic field, things that are hot have lots of energy. Energetic particles bouncing around everywhere couple to your meticulously-set-up experiment to the environment, destroying your isolated system and removing the quantum effects you're utilizing.

For quantum computing, one of the requirements specified by the di Vincenzo criteria are long decoherence times. Heat seriously reduces those.

Comment: Re:Strikers Vow (Score 5, Insightful) 1698

by Laukei (#30021466) Attached to: Landmark Health Insurance Bill Passes House
The 1950s called, they want their red scare back.

Seriously though, you need to get a grip. People who are ill are by definition less able than those around them. Why should it fall to them to help themselves? Do you actually just strive for the destruction of society? If so, there's a group of people in the Middle East who'd love to hear from you.

We have national healthcare in the UK, and, having had both parents working within it for 25 years apiece, it's not slavery. Are the police slaves? The fire department? Your logic is flawed.


Comment: Re:Why not last fm (Score 2, Informative) 216

by Laukei (#28701413) Attached to: Microsoft Readies a Rival To Spotify
Last.fm, at least in the UK (I'm not sure about in the US) doesn't allow you to create playlists, or listen to one song over and over an unlimited amount of times. Nor does it allow you to listen, start to finish, to an album.

Spotify does. As previously stated by someone in the comments, it's basically just iTunes with a massive, cloud-stored library of music that plays as soon as you click it (the buffering is completely unnoticeable.)

Wireless Networking

+ - Unlimited gall to cost Verizon $1 million->

Submitted by netbuzz
netbuzz (955038) writes "Unlimited really means unlimited, even in advertising. So says the New York State Attorney General's Office in squeezing a $1 million settlement out of Verizon Wireless for disconnecting 13,000 of its customers who had the temerity to believe that the unlimited service they were promised came with unlimited service. Verizon's statement explaining the settlement is a gem, too.


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