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Comment: I didn't think Lenovo would get much worse (Score 1) 459

by LaughingRadish (#46001025) Attached to: Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse

I didn't think Lenovo could get much worse than the 6-row abomination that that they foisted on the T-series fans. At least on the T-series you still have the whole caps-lock key that can be remapped to Control. Scattering keys like they've been doing for the past few years is inexcusable. I've enjoyed Thinkpads up to the T420, but no further. This is why my next laptop will not be a Thinkpad or Lenovo of any kind.

Comment: Re:So tell me why ... (Score 1) 66

How'd you get the idea that a tobacco virus was involved here? The article says "M13". If you check with Google and Wikipedia, you'll find that it's a filimentous bacteriophage (it infects bacteria). And about committing sabotage on tobacco farmers, most tobacco diseases affect many other members of the nightshade family. Two important ones are potatoes and tomatoes.

Comment: Did he bother to check for actual sounds? (Score 5, Insightful) 265

I haven't yet seen mention of someone setting up microphones sensitive to ultrasonic frequencies to check to see what, if any, odd sounds are being made by the computers. A lot of extraordinary claims are being made and I just don't see the requisite extraordinary evidence.

Comment: Remoteability question restated (Score 5, Interesting) 122

by LaughingRadish (#44271697) Attached to: Wayland 1.2.0 Released With Weston

Here's a very simple question with hopefully no wiggle room: Suppose I have two Linux boxes, each running Wayland. They do not run X11 in any form or fashion. I am on the console of one of them and in Wayland. Can I start a terminal emulator, ssh over to the other box, issue a command that starts some graphical program (which uses only Wayland coding, no X11), and expect that program's window to show up on the first box? Assume that ssh has already been modified to allow for this sort of thing. If this cannot be done, what prevents it from being done? I have yet received no complete answer for this.

Comment: Hoplophobic crank or trolling for hoplophobes (Score 1) 976

It looks like people are already putting garbage into his database so as to render it useless. At the top of the page is "know something about the project before you comment". In the FAQ and Guidelines, it seems that the author might know what he's talking about. I'm still not clear if he's a hoplophobic crank or playing a joke on hoplophobes. If he's the former, then he made a tremendous blunder by not realizing that lots of people would put garbage into the database.

Comment: Re:No mention of remote anything in the article (Score 2) 240

by LaughingRadish (#43942329) Attached to: Clearing Up Wayland FUD, Misconceptions

That's for X apps. I'm talking about Wayland apps. Can native Wayland apps be remoted? I don't want to have a situation where I'm given a native Wayland app to control something and that something is on a remote machine. I don't want to have a situation of "Well, it's native Wayland. You have to be on the system's console to see that." Further, I don't want to have to fire up an entire desktop session to watch a window that takes up a tiny fraction of the screen.

Comment: Re:No mention of remote anything in the article (Score 2) 240

by LaughingRadish (#43941213) Attached to: Clearing Up Wayland FUD, Misconceptions

Okay, I see now. Some other observations: 1) It sounds like Wayland doesn't do remoting yet. 2) The way they're talking about it suggests it's desktop-only -- no starting an application on some other machine and displaying it on the local machine.

#1 isn't too bad -- they're working on it. #2 has me more concerned. Are they planning on having it be able to export individual applications rather than just the entire deskstop?

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