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Comment: Wasting shotgun shells (Score 1) 307

So I go to WalMart to purchase a box of shotgun shells for my single-shot break-down 20-gauge, and of course it is a Big Deal to get a clerk to the Sporting Goods counter to unlock the case. I guess it is a public safety measure that some maniac doesn't walk out with boxes of that ammo, but there are boxes and boxes of really powerful 30-cal rifle ammo just piled in the aisle free for the loading up your shopping basket.

The clerk finally shows up after numerous pages on the store loudspeaker, opens the case, and then there is a lot of pointing and pantomine as I try to explain, no, not the 16 gauge, I need 20 gauge, and no, not the 8-shot, I need the 6-shot, until we zero in on the right ammo. Out in the country, you can't let Mr. Romney's "varmints and critters" dig holes in your shingles and bust into the attic. Mr. Romney got a lot of flack from Real Men about not being a Real Gun Owner, but those of us who own property in the sticks know what he was talking about.

The clerk asks, "Um, how many boxes do you want?"

I say "just one", saying to myself, "How bad a shot do you think I am?"

Comment: You know you are a Redneck when . . . (Score 1) 307

You propose this method of calculating PI with a shotgun . . . and your brother-in-law thinks it is a great idea!

My original version was . . . Your brother-in-law suggests using a shotgun to remove tree branches beyond your ladder . . . and you think it is a great idea!

Comment: Honey, I need a Zero Turn mower! (Score 1) 307

You missed your opening to get your wife to agree to a purchase of a Zero Turn riding mower (you know, the kind where you sit on top and you have those two "tank track" handles to make it go).

They tell me with one of those babies, you can cut the lawn in one quarter the time at get more of the Pre-Game Show.

Comment: Has this changed? (Score 1) 588

by Latent Heat (#46747401) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"
Can someone weigh in on the vaccine schedule? I had heard that it is not just a parent "refusing vaccination" for their child but that "getting vaccinated" means being bombarded with shots like in an Army induction physical?

Couldn't there be some kind of Common Core -- for Public Health reasons, we want your kid to have the vaccines for Polio, Diptheria-Pertusis, Measles, Rubella, and Chicken Pox, or is the list much, much longer?

Comment: Freeman Dyson on those durn 'sperimentalists (Score 1) 238

by Latent Heat (#46195533) Attached to: CERN Wants a New Particle Collider Three Times Larger Than the LHC
Dyson commenting on the SSC as well as early generations of "white elephant-big science" remarked that there are more dimensions to an accelerator than peak energy. An important one is luminosity -- the ability to see rare events by having many events.

The excuse that "they are not going to destroy the Universe" is based on cosmic rays having energies way beyond what a ring circling the planet could achieve, although I guess the luminosity is low and that is why we are not swallowed up by a black hole?

But Dyson's point is that these mega projects are throwing bucks/Euros after diminishing returns as the interesting stuff is probably still outside your reach. He thought that people should be considering novel concepts rather than just making what we have bigger . . . and more expensive.

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