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Comment So it's like Battle Bots? (Score 1) 77

I'll be curious to see this, but I hope they do a better job with the filler material than Battle Bots did. The matches were actually really good, but pretty much everything between them was a complete joke. Even the guy who counted down the match start was was over-the-top corny with his weird amalgamation of ring-side boxing presenter and the voice at the match start for Mortal Combat.

Comment I don't understand. (Score 1) 277

The sum total of my intellectual property is a somewhat popular Warcraft UI and a few websites (so basically, jack shit), and even I have that data spread across a few different backup mediums. If I had anything even remotely as valuable to fans as pretty much ANYTHING Roddenberry made I'd probably have it in multiple safety deposit boxes in different timezones. How could he let that happen?

Comment Seriously... (Score 5, Insightful) 245

How could no one have foreseen the potential abuse and pitfalls of a system like this? Without even reading any further than "Giving Doctors Grades..." I immediately conjured images of a bunch of doctors huddled around each other saying, "I don't want that one." "Well I don't want that one either. My feedback is back at 85% and I can't risk another death screwing me over."

Comment I smell tomfoolery (Score 1) 80

The underlying cause of the incident was a hard-to-detect timing flaw in the spacecraft command sequence that occurred during an operation.

I've been a sys admin for a very long time and this sounds very familiar to many mad-libs style answers I've provided to uninitiated management immediately following an irreparable mistake.

Comment Re:Twitch is so heavily used...good luck. (Score 1) 50

Yea, but I bet you'd still have (and rely) on Paypal. From a purchasing standpoint you need the stores and sites to add support for the new payment service. And from the sellers side you have to rely on customers to create accounts and provide financial information to the new payment system, so you can bet you'd be throwing away business if you removed Paypal.

Comment Re:Doesn't work (Score 1) 167

I get that you saw an article about adjusting an asteroid's path and you're excited to share that, but you need to consider a few things:

1) That method requires a wealth of energy/time and makes very miniscule adjustments that are applicable to asteroids because their orbit is so huge that small changes a long ways out can make a significant difference. This debris is literally right next to our planet.
2) For the amount of time, energy, and (most of all) money you'd spend doing this you could send both Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in a Kerbal-inspired space ship zipping around LEO picking up all this debris and still have money left over.

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