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Comment: Re:Advert for Razer? (Score 1) 199

by Last_Available_Usern (#49347161) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?
Their mice have been so-so for me but their keypads (ie. Orbweaver) are excellent and durable. While you couldn't say this as much for the older revs, their current software also does everything I need it to (profiles/macros are a snap). Sorry your experience has been crappy but they haven't grown into a monster because everything they make is junk.

Comment: Very confused. (Score 1) 74

by Last_Available_Usern (#49346697) Attached to: Facebook Sued For Alleged Theft of Data Center Design
I would very much like to know the specifics of this case because as I see it, FB had a company come in for a sales pitch, FB opted to not use them and instead made something themselves based on a similar (or even identical) design. To my knowledge, FB didn't try to sell this tech to anyone else, and unless they just failed to mention it they also didn't sign anything saying they agreed to not duplicate the plantiff's tech on their own. Sounds like the company is just salty because they lost a huge sale and is hopeful FB will settle to avoid bad publicity.

Comment: Auto-drive on treacherous sections? (Score 1) 341

we may someday just pass signs requiring drivers to activate auto-drive functionality for certain particularly treacherous stretches of roadway.

So on the sections of road I'm going to be most terrified to navigate I should secede control to the computer? In principal, this makes sense, but in reality this is a pee-your-pants moment that even adrenaline junkies will probably say no thanks to.

Comment: Twice the power of a previous gen console? (Score 3, Insightful) 116

by Last_Available_Usern (#49181675) Attached to: NVIDIA Announces SHIELD Game Console
The company claims the console provides twice the performance of an Xbox 360.

This console is said to have twice the power of a console that was superceeded by it's next gen counterpart 16 months ago. I don't know that this is the strongest selling point for a console unless that was a typo and it was supposed to say Xbox One.

Comment: This is what's wrong... (Score 5, Insightful) 216

by Last_Available_Usern (#48758547) Attached to: Bill Would Ban Paid Prioritization By ISPs

and with Republicans now in charge of both house of Congress, the chances of it passing seem slim.

To preface, this is not a partisan-based slam. This is a slam on our entire system. The fact that we accept something won't pass despite it being universally wanted by "the people" (not pronounced "corporations") shows our biggest hurdle that we as a country need to overcome. Not race/gender equality or financial disparity, but the ability of this country to be propelled forward by a system that is representative to the needs of the many, not the powerful.

Comment: Re:VPN and tethering (Score 1) 209

You can no longer get subsidized phones through Verizon if you want to keep your Unlimited. Your options are to get a subsidized phone and move down to one of the metered plans or purchase a phone at full price and keep your unlimited (that is, until Verizon pulls the plug and you have the choice to going metered or switching carriers).

Comment: Time will tell... (Score 2) 49

by Last_Available_Usern (#48019255) Attached to: Lenovo Set To Close $2.1 Billion Server Deal With IBM
Lenovo has made their money selling very cheap equipment with very small margins in very large quantities. I'm really not sure how well this will translate into a market where buyers like you or me apply a lot more discretion to our choices. They are going to have to come out of the gate with excellent hardware and likely take a loss just to prove their merit.

Comment: But you can't know how long you will live. (Score 1) 478

To say you shouldn't work as hard at living longer because you don't want to live to 80+ is a bit off. For all you know, your body may require all that preventative effort just to reach 75. Not only that, when you start closing in on 75 you might find yourself feeling differently about the topic. Furthermore, the quality of life through advanced science and medicine may differ significantly from what it is now.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.