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Comment: My code my choice. (Score 1) 1109

by Last Warrior (#15907310) Attached to: New 'No Military Use' GPL For GPU
If I wanted to create code or software and limits its use that is my prerogative.
You can argue whether free software is then free.. but if I wanted to say my software can only be used by santa clause and the easter bunny, this is my choice.

How you feel towards my statement is barely relevant. If you want to test my right to limit the use of my own original code, then that is your prerogative.

despite its implications, people who create original works of any kind can choose at thier sole discretion, how that code is used.
Its exactly the same as saying i can give my software away for free to student and charge an outrageous fee to anyone wantin gto make money from my software or derivative works.

put that in your pipe and smoke it.
this is not intended to be a troll.

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