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Comment: Re:Pope Francis - fuck your mother (Score 1) 894

by Last Warrior (#48881281) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

"They had every right to their expression, but they must also accept the consequences as well."

Murder happens everyday. If someone murders you because they don't like who you are or what you say, then that is a hate crime.

We don't have to accept hate crimes where people are upset that we are expressing our legal rights. Nor should we.
People who would kill in this way are crazy and/or stupid. It doesn't matter if you find the legal right wrong or odious. If you cant handle the law in your country, then try to change it. Don't ignore it and take it out on someone who is following that law. If you can't then move to a place whose laws more closely represent your ideology.

Stop making excuses for these fuckwits. Instead, be more constructive and explain to the fuckwits that Freedom of speech not only helps the people they don't like, but also them. Then explain to them that killing someone for saying something you don't like is NEVER justified. If they still do it, then they are criminals and nothing more. Don't give these people a stage or justification for their behavior.

Comment: Re:Pope Francis - fuck your mother (Score 1) 894

by Last Warrior (#48881139) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

We need to stop catering to the desires of crazy people. It's not any different than a psychotic neighbor who doesn't like that you have a barbeque in your backyard so he comes over and kills you. You have a right to have a barbeque. Should you give up your rights just because some lunatic doesn't think you should have it? There is a reason we try not to let crazy people create rules. We would get crazy rules. We have laws and right in place here. Just because someone in some other place really doesn't like the fact that we have those rights mean that we should give up those rights? And do we justify by saying that he asked for it by expressing his given rights in a way that someone not even in the same community or even the same country has a problem with? Fuck that.

Nobody likes to be insulted. Nobody likes to be offended. Its pretty much guaranteed that anything you do or say every minute of the day might offend someone for some stupid or not-so-stupid reason. It is impossible to live your life without upsetting someone or some group at some time. Even if that is what you are intending or using as a way to make a point. You do not deserve to be killed for it. Nor should we be justifying it just because that's how crazy people are.

Stop making excuses for crazy people.

Comment: Re:As much as could be expected (Score 1) 189

by Last Warrior (#48770745) Attached to: White House Responds To Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor

There was a law (amendment) proposed, it got shot down:

Also notice the last line on Wikipedia says:
"As of May 2014, Aaron's Law was stalled in committee, reportedly due to tech company Oracle's financial interests.[42]"

And this is the problem with our judicial system in this country. Larry and Oracle can EABOD as far as i'm concerned. His financial needs and wants should never get in the way of a fair and just legal system.

Comment: Re:As much as could be expected (Score 1) 189

by Last Warrior (#48770723) Attached to: White House Responds To Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor

People aren't dogs. If you punish a dog it may not know what you are punishing it for.
When you punish a human for doing something you don't want the human to do, its not difficult to lay it out pretty clearly the behavior that is unacceptable. If the other humans cant pick up on that clearly worded message about what is acceptable and unacceptable, then they certainly shouldn't be prosecutors. They shouldn't even work for McDonalds as that requires a person to be able to follow guidelines and directions.

These people are employees. They have a lot of leeway in their decision making but they still need to follow rules. Just because they've found out ways to get what they want better by overcharging someone and then accepting a plea bargain, that doesn't mean that it was ever an acceptable thing to do. It just means that nobody ever thought or was able to successfully challenge it.

Comment: Re:And? (Score 2) 448

by Last Warrior (#48760533) Attached to: Unbundling Cable TV: Be Careful What You Wish For

Apparently you haven't really played any newer games recently.

It used to be that DLC added something to an already complete game. Nowadays, the DLC that ships in the weeks and months after the games release does little more than make the original game a little bit more of a complete experience.

This is something that gamers have been complaining about for years. It isn't that gamers are against adding new content to an already good complete game. Its that you need to buy the additional DLC to make the piece of crap you bought a complete game in the first place. Or at least playable.
They take it a step further also. They bundle patches to break the broken shipping product that was shipped too early and without enough quality control into the DLC that you have to buy after.

Comment: Re: Thanks, assholes (Score 1) 573

by Last Warrior (#48750409) Attached to: Gun Rights Hacktivists To Fab 3D-Printed Guns At State Capitol

People who shoot guns at gun ranges are not trained to deal with high stress situations.

People like to point out when someone with a gun is able to defuse some situation. they conveniently dismiss those situations where having a gun gets an innocent person shot, get the armed citizen shot or killed, or makes the situation worse.

Lets face it. You are not the Cowboy or the hero that's going to save the day. you are not trained to deal with hostile situations, with people firing back at you, and any other sorts of situations that don't come from shooting at paper targets.

in the vast majority of cases, having some goof with a hero complex walking around with a gun not only makes people around feel less comfortable, but it also is more likely to put other people in danger.

Comment: My code my choice. (Score 1) 1109

by Last Warrior (#15907310) Attached to: New 'No Military Use' GPL For GPU
If I wanted to create code or software and limits its use that is my prerogative.
You can argue whether free software is then free.. but if I wanted to say my software can only be used by santa clause and the easter bunny, this is my choice.

How you feel towards my statement is barely relevant. If you want to test my right to limit the use of my own original code, then that is your prerogative.

despite its implications, people who create original works of any kind can choose at thier sole discretion, how that code is used.
Its exactly the same as saying i can give my software away for free to student and charge an outrageous fee to anyone wantin gto make money from my software or derivative works.

put that in your pipe and smoke it.
this is not intended to be a troll.

The biggest difference between time and space is that you can't reuse time. -- Merrick Furst