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by hairyfeet (#48222435) Attached to: Microsoft Exec Opens Up About Research Lab Closure, Layoffs

Or maybe he is just accepting reality, which is unless there is some major breakthrough we're pretty much finished innovating? The cost to get below 20nm has been calculated to be non-profitable for pretty much everybody, sure Intel is doing it but they are also shutting fabs because chips have been insanely overpowered for several years now and ARM? ARM don't scale, once you go past a certain MHz it shits all over its power budget which is why we are now up to octocore on the ARM side.

The simple fact is that all the really good uses for tech have been done, which is why Apple is grasping at straws with the iWatch. Computers, be it desktop or mobile, are gonna end up like washing machines, things you don't replace until they break. You can stuff 'em in tables and walls and watches all day long but unless we come up with either some super new battery tech or some new material that doesn't have electron leakage? We are pretty much as high as we are gonna go. Hell even gaming can't punish the systems like it used to, a C2Q from half a decade ago can easily play damned near every game out there, there just isn't anyway to go higher without blowing LOTR money on the game.

Comment: Seems a very simplistic view of minimum wage (Score 2) 657

This is one of the costs of a minimum wage. We as a society are aware of it. But really the cost to society is not huge. There are many industries that need people, and would pay less than minimum wage if they could. The employer is in a much strong negotiating position.

Ultimately we see the benefit to these people - a pretty larg number - as greater than the disadvantage to those who are employed by inefficient businesses. Yes. It is a problem for them but a business thta can't afford to pay its employees a reasonable wage really isn't a huge benefit to the economy as a whole.

In practice, a minimum wage seems to cause a net benefit.

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by hairyfeet (#48219001) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

And have the RAM soldered to the board? No thanks, I don't like getting buttfucked so some corp can charge Compaq RAM profit margins for commodity parts.

I'd much rather buy a quad with SSD for $210 or an octocore with HDD for $290 and use the money I save to buy a more powerful GPU and as much RAM as I'd like without getting bent over to increase Apple's quarterly earnings report.

If you like Apple because you like the design or having a girly UI bolted onto BSD? That's cool, enjoy your purchase. But don't try to sell us that horseshit that Apple is a "good deal" because its not, never was, and never will be. Its a boutique brand with insane profit margins on the exact same parts you can get from anywhere...let me repeat that, they use THE EXACT SAME PARTS you can buy anywhere, its the same bog standard Foxxconn made boards, same Intel CPUs, same old same. If you want to pay a hipster tax to apple? Its your money, spend it how you wish, but don't try to sell us bullshit, we ain't buying crazy today.

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Oh right, because your government has laws that remove a person's right to speech if said government deems said speech to have some vaguely negative effect on something, somewhere. So basically the only information the public recieves regarding ongoing issues is the nicely scrubbed, sanitized version approved by TPTB.

Not exactly. We have laws that consider rights exist outside of freedom of speech. The right to a fair trial is considered one of these rights.

I prefer our way, thanks. Much better to receive the info and make my own informed judgement.

You can receive the info. There are no restrictions on reporting on the facts of the trial.

Besides, 'trial by media' is only really an issue because of stupid people who believe everything their favorite echo chamber tells them, so I vote we go for the root cause.

Well, lucky for you living in a country with no stupid people.

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by hairyfeet (#48215549) Attached to: Two Exocomet Families Found Around Baby Star System
What does it matter really? Thanks to that relativity thing we will never ever get anywhere anyway, it could be a trillion light years or 50 light years, it just won't matter because at the end of the day all we will EVER get to do is look at the past through our little telescopes because we are out here in the asshole end of a spiral arm, too far from anything good to get anywhere.

Sorry if that is depressing but if you look at pics of the Milky Way there is plenty of places where you can practically hop from star to star and then....there is where we are, this little island so far from the good stuff that if we built a probe with our best reactor its power would be long dead before it reached the next star, much less any of the real interesting places.

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by hairyfeet (#48215485) Attached to: Ello Formally Promises To Remain Ad-Free, Raises $5.5M

"Greetings valued user. As of this day our IP has been sold to MAJOR MARKETING COMPANY FRONT OF THREE LETTER AGENCY. As a result of said purchase we have now shut down and all user accounts are closed. If you wish to maintain your account and information, you may accept the EULA below and your account will be transferred to MAJOR MARKETING COMPANY FRONT OF THREE LETTER AGENCY's new social networking system that will offer all of the same functionality we did and more!" FTFY

A site dedicated to user privacy, with each user going to enough trouble of using this over the more....err..."open data" social sites? That would be probably worth an easy 20 million, after all to a 3 letter agency 20 mil is chump change. They also wouldn't care if the users ran or not, the past data is the value as it can be used to build detailed files on the kind of people that care about privacy, the same kind that protest or go to occupy events,the kind 3 letter agencies want big files on.

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