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by 91degrees (#47424195) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI
Yes you're right. I didn't read that properly.

Although I think the summary oversimplifies things a lot. Skimming the actual paper, it looks like the Lovelace test is not a test in itself but a means to critique tests for AI. It could apply to a chatbot or a story writer or anything else.

So if I ask a chatbot "How many legs does a horse have", it would fail if it just looks up the answer in a database that contains "legs", "horse" and knows to give the answer "4" (because can trivially explain that), but if it has learned from earlier conversation what a horse is and what a leg is and comes up with a correct answer, it would pass, because I have no way of knowing the exact inputs it used. Something like that anyway.

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by 91degrees (#47422807) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

What's a "program" ("anything")?

A deterministic sequence of instructions that could be converted to work on a universal Turing machine. I don;t htink this is really a valid criticism.

What does it mean to be "engineered to produce" one?

Presumably we're talking about a specific condition and expectation that is part of the specification. Although since a lot of specs are informal this does need to be clarified.

What's a "hardware fluke"?

Not sure on this one. My initial thought was that this was just a requirement that it not produce pure randomness and get a valid result statistically.

What constitutes "explanation" of how it was done?

I think this one is the main problem. It's very subjective what an explanation is. It's also somewhat dependent on the programmer.

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by oodaloop (#47411227) Attached to: Another Dementia Test Oversold
And yet, I just read a study that most doctors and clinicians involved with breast cancer can not correctly identify the liklihood of having breast cancer if someone tests positive for it. Answers ranged from 10-90%. Correct answer is 10%. Being taught it in medical school is one thing, but applying it on the job is another apparently.

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Who's talking about a PC here? I'm talking about consoles.

XBox Live is a single service that integrates the entire online functionality of an XBox. Online gaming, chat, high scores, and all the rest.

would it need to have shipped as part of what was then the monopoly PC operating system, or would third party matchmaking frameworks count as well?

I have no idea what it would need to do. Tell you what; solve that problem and then I'll agree you're innovative as well.

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That word is subjective, and people will spend days arguing over subjective definitions. Could you give a more objective criterion?

No. Can you can give an objective criterion for "innovation"?

And you needed an Xbox Live subscription and a copy of each game for each console to play Xbox Live.

You needed a single XBox live subscription. it worked for all games for all publishers. Did anyone else offer this? Was it integrated with the rest of the system?

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