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Comment: Have to do this all the time. (Score 2) 239 239

In ham radio command and control over remote digital ground stations all have clear text passwords because it's against the law to encrypt on ham radio bands. So every password is a single use.

Today, if I connect to the digipeater that is near me I will use the password S4tA12fDg
and it will work once and only for a certain window for that single login to happen.

Any company worth anything would do the same. Here is your link, here is your one time use password, you had better get the file in the next 20 minutes or that password will not work.

Perfectly secure for simple crap that really has zero value like a school transcript.

Comment: High Priced Meh. (Score 1) 75 75

Sorry but these are going to be USB 3.0 monitors, so they will not be 1920X1080 or higher and not impressive. They need to be displayport to leverage 2 displays at full high resolution. THEN be a high quality enough panel to not have defects.

I'll stick with the ASUS usb panel I carry with my laptop for when I actually need an extra screen. It's very low res (1366X768) but it's useful for having a PDF up or other very low framerate app up while I am at a customers site.

Comment: Re:alogrithms aren't racist (Score 1) 349 349

Exactly, I looked at photos of greek citizens standing at ATM machines today and thought, "wow they have horrible taste in clothing and are all fat like we are in America.

If it was not for the greek lettering on buildings, I would have guessed the photo was from florida.

Comment: Re:Morons ... (Score 4, Interesting) 190 190

If he has any brains, simply send every time there is "discovery" the same sheet of paper proving he has had it for 15 years.

You can tell the plaintiffs lawyers to go fuck them selves over and over and over again.

I have actually used the words "go fuck yourself" in response to a lawyers letter.

Lawyers hate being called out as the spineless slime they are.

Comment: Re:And ticket prices? (Score 4, Insightful) 117 117

American corporations will instead do the following.

Get a government grant for the coatings, claim the actual full purchase price at full retail as the cost and pass that cost to ticket buyers.

Use the 5% fuel savings as a ,"we are saving the planet.... see? SEE?" advertising campaign.

Also add the costs of the advertising to the ticket prices.

Profits go up an additional 75%, claim they need more government subsidies.

"If you own a machine, you are in turn owned by it, and spend your time serving it..." -- Marion Zimmer Bradley, _The Forbidden Tower_