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Comment Sadly it doesnt fix the problems... (Score 5, Informative) 43

IOT is a fail because of manufacturers.

For example, ZigBee connected light bulbs, GE Link, Cree Connected, and Phillips Hue all use their OWN modified protocol. First the use the ZLL protocol instead of the ZHA that they should be using, then they refuse to repeat signals for other brands. So you have some cheap Cree bulbs in entryways and hallways, but have the expensive white color temperature bulbs for elsewhere... Oh they don't mesh, sorry. They also don't mesh with your other devices so you have a horribly broken and fractured mess that barely works.

IoT is an epic fail because we don't have a group of people going to different manufacturers with a sack of rocks and beating the shit out of executives and head engineers. I blame ZigBee and Z-Wave for not forcing companies at gunpoint to follow a freaking standard, but the engineers and executives made the decision to be assholes and intentionally be incompatible.

Comment Re:In car navitagion is done better elsewhere (Score 1) 394

Yep. I ripped out the BMW navigation in my X3 and replaced it with a Garmin. Heck BMW europe even has a special tray to replace the flip up in dash display with a garmin mount so it looks stock and has power right there from the car.

900X better, FREE LIFETIME MAPS AND TRAFFIC instead of the $225 per year for the craptastic update disks from BMW.

Comment Problem with the survey... (Score 1) 394

80% of new vehicle buyers are OLD PEOPLE. 20 somethings can't afford a $45,000 new car, unless they are financially stupid or landed that $100K a year job right away.

And then they dont want the utter crap locked in garbage that the auto makers want to deliver us.

Comment i love them! (Score 4, Interesting) 252

Where else can you get a complete Wifi and processor board for hacking ready to go for $5.00?
I just hope they dont realize that the 4 I bought will never be pushed to buy their products. I already have one triggering events on my Linux server, and soon to have the rest acting as remotes for home automation.

Comment Re:Moronic (Score 1) 157

No it wont. Panasonic toughbooks and a gajillion other devices use a simple tapered slot with a tapered pen and work perfectly without the pen falling out. Plus it's impossible to jam the pen in backwards.

Stop defending bad engineering, It's a bad design that had zero testing to see if the general public would screw it up.

Of course you can't flap your arms and fly to the moon. After a while you'd run out of air to push against.