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+ - OpenVMS gets new leason on life through VMS Software, Inc->

Submitted by Larry_Dillon
Larry_Dillon writes: It appears that the death of OpenVMS has been exaggerated. VMS Software is taking over exclusive development of OpenVMS and is planning on porting to x86. A road map of planned enhancements and developments is available at http://www.vmssoftware.com/new... OpenVMS development languished under HP's stewardship, never finding a good fix in HP's portfolio. Hopefully independent leadership will breath new live into this venerable OS that still sees widespread use in banking, medical and financial applications.
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The Courts

+ - Are Warrany Void if Removed sitckers legally valid->

Submitted by
Larry_Dillon writes: "Engadget has an article (http://www.engadget.com/2007/12/10/asus-sez-eee-pc-warranty-still-valid-if-you-break-seals/) saying that breaking the seal on the Asus Eee PC will not void the warrant. This begs the question; are those "Warrany Void if Removed" stickers legally binding? Are there any court rulings on this?"
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