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Journal Journal: Back in KDE's comforting arms

I recently gave gnome 3 a go after doing a fresh arch install on my desktop. It was alright, but my main problems with it were the lack of customization (I felt the "our way or the highway" vibe strongly) and multi-monitor implementation. See, the thing is, gnome 3 treats your non-primary monitor as if it's exempt from the workspace system- when you swap workspaces, anything you have up on your secondary monitor stays up. Those two things drive me back to kde, as most of the interface bells and whistles that are a nice addition to shell are available and duplicable in the comfort of my nicely customizable kde install. There's also a point at which sacrifice of any more functionality for the sake of simplicity is counter productive, and gnome crossed this line in this release, if not earlier. The window switching method flat out sucks- the whole panel at the top is basically pointless as it plays no role in window management, instead you have to either alt-tab (which I don't like) or wave your mouse/click on the activity button to have all of your windows displayed.

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