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+ - MPAA campaign makes piracy seem totally badass

Submitted by
Scott writes "According to this MPAA piracy campaign a few things will happen if you use any P2P software whatsoever... In addition to being able to download songs and movies you will: — become an outlaw — be given free porn (so easy you don't even have to search for it) — piss off your parents — have access to tons of financial and personal data — and then get to watch a gnarly virus destory everything!!"

+ - Turn an old laptop into a flat-screen MP3 player

Submitted by
Trip writes "This is one of those necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention projects. I had a stereo cabinet built into the wall, and I wanted to add a networked music browser. But how to do this when (A) I didn't want to spend any money and (B) I didn't want the eyesore of a computer sitting atop my stereo? It was in the form of a free old laptop that I found my solution. With a little woodworking and a lot of soldering, I alighted upon this stealth screen setup that affords me hours of MP3-browsing fun. Found via"

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