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Comment: Re: Blizzard Shizzard (Score 1) 252

by Lando (#47061459) Attached to: Blizzard Sues <em>Starcraft II</em> Cheat Creators

What do you mean "new" precedent? This is standard operations mode for Blizzard, they sue period and they win because they have deep pockets. The cases don't settle until they have won.

I'm happy to say that I haven't bought a blizzard game or played any that I didn't own since the bnet incident.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 1) 230

by Lando (#46896547) Attached to: One-a-Day-Compiles: Good Enough For Government Work In 1983

In 1983, I was using a modem to log into tymnet to get to compu-serve to play games, chat, etc. There were multiple bbs system around etc The Apple and commodore had already been out for years. And this was all consumer stuff. I remember playing star trek games on the mainframe terminals as far back as '76. To think that there weren't plenty of ways to remotely access a system at this time is clearly someone that didn't play with the stuff at that time. By the time the IBM PC was introduced in 1981 there were already loads of people running bbs's for fun. IBM was rather late to the show personally.

Comment: Re:Legendary... (Score 1) 232

It was a book of tricks, but it was also about showing possibilities that many people overlooked. The book iirc didn't just show specific tricks, but went into the though process behind how those tricks were developed and went in depth about how they were implemented. So it was a primer course to developing your own tricks. As such it was more than just a trick book.

Comment: Headline wrong of course (Score 4, Insightful) 230

by Lando (#45404233) Attached to: Judge: No Privacy Expectations For Data On P2P Networks

The ruling is on, "made the information available for public download on a P2P network" there are plenty of private p2p services. If you make your information available to everyone then of course the police don't need to go through red tape to get that information. Non-story

Comment: Re:What do they do? (Score 1) 212

by Lando (#42544289) Attached to: A Least Half a Million Raspberry Pis Sold

Perhaps the learning curve to do this on android is higher than it is on the pi, or maybe the pi just seems cooler than an android phone. Both would be valid reasons in my mind. Also where does one find android phones cheap? Where does one get batteries once the current ones expire?

As far as I see there is nothing wrong with using the tools that you are familiar with, interested in, and have laying around over something that you are not familiar with, have no interest in and would have to go out and purchase.

Ummmm, I'm reminded of Perl's slogan, theres more than one way to do it.

Comment: Re:Smart people know how to safely handle/store gu (Score 1) 1388

by Lando (#42543137) Attached to: Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings

This has been shown to be true in Kennasaw Georgia I believe. A couple of years ago when they were trying to ban guns across the nation the city council made a law that homeowners must have a gun in their home. While they didn't track guns that were in homes, the crime rate in the area dropped considerably. It's only one example but it was significant enough at the time to be carried in national papers. Shouldn't be hard to find the actual articles.

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