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Comment Re:Cambridge, England (Score 1, Interesting) 266

Wish I had mod points.

I would point out though that Apple were one of the original investors in ARM. They even helped with the early (though not the initial) silicon design.

The article is also wrong on other points. I've had two companies in the UK, the first failed (and I didn't really feel any "stigma". It just didn't work out); the second (which contained mainly the same people as the first) was bought up, which is why I'm over in Sunny CA now rather than back in London...

The social net is actually a lot stronger in the UK I feel (as someone who's lived in the US for the last decade), so having a company fail on you isn't the enormous burden that it is in the USA. There's a lot of ways/government help to get back on your feet in the UK that still don't really exist in the USA; and, of course, there's things like government-sponsored healthcare so you don't *need* to be employed just to cover your arse on essential things like that.

Just my $0.02/£0.01 (rounding up)


Comment Re:If Only (Score 1) 25

Well, it actually doesn't, at least not reliably. With the ability to retroactively alter history, you can never be 100% sure that someone didn't sneak a change into the repository without reviewing every line of every diff. Have fun!

You can rewrite history, but it will break compatibility with any forks or mirrors of the repository - and for popular github projects, there are hundreds or thousands of those. No way to alter commits that have already been published without making it very obvious.

Comment Re:Economy of Scale (Score 1) 83

I have a well reasoned dislike for a company

I'm not seeing the "well-reasoned" part. You don't like what they say and you spewed a poorly reasoned explanation for why you don't see local delivery happening. I'm not in love with Uber either, and I don't approve of all their actions. But my dislike for them doesn't preclude me from seeing the possibility of package delivery.

Comment Re:Support? (Score 1) 137

Just telephone type "my cup holder broke"?

Look, those things are really flimsy, and while they may have barely held the Super Big Gulp in 2001, cups today are more robust. I daren't put my Double Gulp in there anymore, as it's barely hanging on. Heck, even the X-Treme Gulp came out in 2001! Microsoft should replace all the cup holders with ones not only capable of holding the Team Gulp, but also those Gulps anticipated to come out in the next 5 years.

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