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Comment Re:Evaluation bubble (Score 1) 54

volume of 8,107,527 today as I write this, meaning 8 million have exchanged hands just today.

That's what makes it public - what an IPO does - is that the shares are all theoretically publicly available. There's no extra secret stock going on here. It's not an extrapolated value because an angel investor dropped $10 million into a startup. It's the public stock price, which people are openly paying millions of times daily, multiplied by the number of public shares which people own and could sell if they wanted to.

If twitter really did dump almost 700M shares on the market it's unlikely they could sell them.

of course, it would likely drop. But they're not all owned by twitter. Twitter could issue more stock, or can pay its employees with stock, or whatever, and those would all negatively impact the share price. People who already owned shares would still own the same dollar value, but they might end up with more stock, like in a stock split.

But that's not the point, because people aren't doing that, and aren't willing to do that. Until people are literally willing to give away shares of twitter, twitter is actually worth a fuckton of money.

Comment Re:Evaluation bubble (Score 1) 54

True for some startups, but twitter's market cap is $19B. It's a publicly listed company with 676,300,000 shares outstanding which are being bought and sold for $28.17 each.

$28.17 x 676,300,000 = $19,051,371,000

Until people want to start literally giving away twitter shares, it's *actually* worth a fuckton of money.

Comment Re:Bottom line (Score 1) 86

like apple, they have encryption on the phone that apple cant crack

If Apple can't unencrypt it on the phones, then they can't unencrypt it ever.

but when that message\data is passed\synced through apples servers they can allow other access to it

When the phone owner unencrypts his unencryptable data and sends that in an unencrypted message through Apple's servers, then Apple has the unencrypted data.

Comment Re:Leave it to idiots.. (Score 1) 241

Per Clarke - it was already too late to stop it. Nothing that could have been done based upon information available and recommendations/intelligence from the Clinton Administration.

You're completely misreading this testimony. It's not a question about if anything could have been done to prevent 9/11, it's a question of whether killing or capturing bin Laden would have prevented 9/11. Why would a hypothetical drone strike on OBL in July of 2001 have stopped 9/11 if the plan was already in progress and the hijackers were already in the US? What does that have to do with anything?

It was only "too late" to prevent it in January 2001 if you think killing Osama bin Laden is the only possible thing that could have been done to stop the hijackings, unlike, say, arresting or killing the hijackers themselves, which would have assuredly stopped them from hijacking airplanes.

Comment Re:Trump vs Clinton -- Whats different for voters (Score 0) 102

live in Denmark, you know, among one of the first democratic countries in the world (besides the original democracy Greece), and our feet crumble when we see and hear the US talk about human rights, equal rights, and your so called democracy (which is a republic which is not a democracy which many people in and form the US claims).

This is the dumbest thing people talk about. A republic is not democratic? Spoken by a poster who hails to his king (queen), baby?

The US is a liberal democracy. It is THE liberal democracy. Calling it "not a democracy" is fucking retarded. You're a poster living in a kingdom claiming that his democracy is one of the oldest in the world despite it actually being a monarchy and almost a century younger than the USA. Sure thing, guy!

I'm just going to go on with the rest of my day thinking that democracy must have some otherworldly meaning in Danish than it does in English because your post is full of things that have nothing to do with democratic values.

Comment Re:Who cares about the kid? (Score 1) 621

100% agree. I don't give a shit about this kid at all, and it baffles me that so many people are caught up on his ethnicity or them thinking that people out there, somewhere, may believe that he "invented" a clock. Nobody thinks that, and nobody really cares, as far as I can tell -- people care about an establishment punishing good faith effort. Children should not be punished for trying, their behavior should just be shaped and redirected towards more fruitful or socially acceptable behavior if or when they go overboard.

This is an incident that nobody outside of Irving should have ever heard of.

Comment Re:Qatar is not the typical arab oil sheikdom (Score 1) 621

Not saying Qatar is a paradise of democratic virtue or anything.

Should probably just end your post there. This kid didn't deserve to be arrested for what happened, but he probably did deserve to get into trouble with his school for being intransigent and stubborn about setting off an alarm clock in class. If he thinks or was ever taught that his treatment in America is bad, he's probably going to be in for a shock at the way Qataris and Arabs will treat he and his family.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 2) 621

He was absolutely celebrated for being a nerd. People viewed it as authority stifling the creative and innovative spirit.

If a black muslim threatens to kill a bunch of people at his school or join ISIS or whatever, it would get nowhere near the news attention as this did. If you're focusing on his ethnic background or the word "invention" in this story, then you're probably a fucking moron who is out of step with most of America.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

Obama job approval by:
[East, Midwest, South, West] => [51, 44, 41, 51]

[High School or less, Some College, College graduate only, Postgrad, All college grads, All college nongrads] => [45, 42, 46, 59, 51, 44]

Don't you get it? 51% of people overwhelmingly agree!

The numbers are actually kinda shockingly mediocre across the board (as compared to previous Presidents' polling trends). The most notable things I see are the race demos (34% approval by white people, 84% approval by black Americans, 63% approval by hispanics) and age range, which goes 59 -> 45 -> 43 -> 38% approval rating based on age bracket. 60% of people who were maybe barely old enough to vote for him twice approve of his job.

And, of course, the 82/43/10% split between Democrat/Independent/Republican party id, but that's not surprising at all.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

I always love these kinds of stories and the childhood terror they emanate about having been caught doing something perceived as wrong because of the adult reactions to it. How dare you take apart that clock! Are you crazy? A hostile reaction to something I found to be so interesting and fun always kind of shocked me and sticks with me to this day.

Of course, it turns out that all along your mom just didn't want to be late for work or whatever the next day because the alarm clock was in one hundred pieces sitting on the counter. Sorry, mom!

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