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Comment: Re:Still not interested (Score 5, Informative) 302

by LaRoach (#40398021) Attached to: RIM Drops Playbook Price By 66%
When RIM launched the playbook it didn't have native email apps for security reasons. In order to use email and calendaring you had to own a blackberry and tether it or something like that. This lead to a lot of confusion on what it's internet capabilities actually were. See here for some details:

Comment: Re:Deparation... (Score 1) 525

by LaRoach (#30521152) Attached to: The Last GM Big-Block V-8 Rolls Off the Line
Ah, you remind me of the good old days when I used to race. The vette fanboys were just as insufferable then as well (always needing to prove something) and were guaranteed to rise to the bait! For some reason the guys in the blue corvettes always spun out. We never did figure that one out. The corner workers knew to look out for them though. By the way, you type like a sixteen year old. You're kinda hard to take seriously (but I am enjoying your posts).

Comment: Re:Innovation! (Score 1) 525

by LaRoach (#30520112) Attached to: The Last GM Big-Block V-8 Rolls Off the Line
Inline sixes also can weigh more, take up more space under the hood and can require a stronger frame in an offset front end crash. Remember, accountants run the companies, not the engineers. Don't get me wrong, I have four cars with inline sixes outside as I type this but the bean counters don't really like them.

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