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Comment Re:core point (Score 1) 178

It's also easy to posit generation ships.

But that is the whole point of my post. For life one level up, where humans (or whatever we turn into) are merely the equivalent of cells, a trip of a few hundred years would not be a generation. It would be the equivalent of the week- and month-long sea journeys our ancestors took.

Comment Wordplay -- there's fun in the whooshing sound (Score 1) 54

It's ok. I realize wordplay makes a -->hash<-- out of many people's thought processes, and they can't do something as simple as moderate well in that kind of state. Not offended at all; there's no -->collision<-- between my feelings and clueless moderation of my posts. It strikes me as sad when other people's posts are similarly abused by moderators who can't -->look up<-- long enough to see what's being said, but hey, that's slashdot, where anyone can moderate for any reason, or no reason, or the wrong reason. And does. As we have seen here. There's no -->link<-- between the -->list<-- of who can moderate and who can "get it." Even when you provide the right -->pointers.<--

It's very much of like sarcasm. Without tags, some people are just lost. But the tags take part of the fun out of sarcasm, wordplay and just about every other form of humor, so I tend not to signal that hard, except as in the first paragraph here, when it is certain I'm dealing with someone who just "isn't going to get it" otherwise. Sarcasm or humor, wordplay or not. But... if you don't get it, you don't get it. S'ok. Regrettable, but still ok. I still had fun writing it. :)


o hash - SHA1 related term, also means confusion in the mind
o collision - hash related term, also means one thing disturbing another
o look up (lookup) - hash related term, also means change one's point of view
o link+list - technique used in hashing to resolve algorithmic collisions, also a joining of items
o pointers - variables which can be used to index a hash, also an indication to something

Bonus study material:

o acrostic technique

No, no. No need for thanks. Glad to help you out. :)

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 272

True, but if you behave like an ass when expressing your opinion you will be moderated accordingly.

Good grief. "-1 I wouldn't have said it that way" isn't a valid mod option either.

Face it. Moderation here is pitifully lame because there is zero relevant accountability. No after-the-fact hand slapping does anything at all to recover a ruined post. I almost always end up spending my mod points trying to undo asshat "I disagree", "I'm offended", "I'm republican", "I'm shedding SJW tears of the eyelash forest", "I'm democrat", "I'm libertarian" moderation malfuckery. Not to mention having to spend mod points correcting mod stalking, where those with mod points go around modding their "enemies" down. It's obvious, but it's a real waste of a very scarce resource -- there are tons of good AC posts, for instance, that deserve more than a zero. Not to mention interesting opinion and true bit, pieces and whole blobs of good information mods clearly "don't like" something about, such as your "I don't like the way you put that" concept. Another problem that arises is that when a mod point has to be spent correcting a pernicious or wrongheaded moderation, it can't be spent bringing a good post into higher profile. And mod points are scarce, so this really has an impact.

Some moderation is also astonishingly deficient in dealing with humor and wordplay (case in point, look up at first few posts in this story.)

The only *possible* way these problems can be remediated under the current system is to get someone sane, or several someone's, into a position where they can moderate continuously (and without crippling their ability to participate -- for instance, although I have the time, and I like spending time on slashdot, I wouldn't be the least interested in such a position if it meant I could only comment anonymously anywhere I moderated. I can barely tolerate it now, with it only impacting me every few days, for only one story.)

As always, the posts represent a large portion of the site's actual value; the moderation system as it stands reduces that value more often than it increases it.

My own partial solution to the broken moderation system here is to browse at -1 all the time so that irresponsible (and worse) moderation can't hide things from me. It doesn't solve the problem of good posts being excised from some (or all) of the conversation, but at least I get to read what they said in the first place.

I know, I know. First rule of moderation club is "-1 offtopic, don't talk about moderation." That's likely a large part of why it never gets fixed, too.

Comment Re:I don't know much about boats (Score 1) 4

Oh I was just going to turn around and sell it after paying to get it fixed. Well, I might have taken a cruise on it. It's big enough that you pay someone to pilot/sail it on your behalf and there are usually a few other staff members on board. I'm not sure if it could be done with just one person but it probably could be. I can't imagine anyone crazy enough to go for a ride with me. I'm not sure I'd do it by my lonesome.

Anyhow, I've since opted to turn it down. I really don't want to lose that much money. I definitely don't want to lose that much time and effort. I spent most of two days looking and a part of a third calling around. All signs indicate that sailing is for people who have little sense of finances and even smaller amounts of logic. They seem to be a passionate bunch.

Anyhow, thanks. :) I just couldn't go through with it. I imagine I could contact them and start the process anew but I never did find an expert to do all the evaluations and the likes. At least not anyone that I thought would be unbiased and truly objective. I may throw them a lowball offer in a week or two just to see if they bite. If they do then I may well take it.

Comment You can't just string a hash together (Score -1) 54

Sorry, this isn't that serious. You can't just walk up to a geisha 1 day and in fits and starts
handle all the encoding black-hattery of some random pasha 1 character per line. Seriously, duh
All this won't flip anyone's ricksha 1 morning. Another thing: SSL's still safe. At best it's a
1-time (or... maybe 2) opportunity to replace someone's kasha 1 grain at a time. But probably 1

Comment Re: Simple (Score 1) 146

Because the emergency dialler requirement is not intended solely for the person who owns the phone. It's expected that any telephone that you pick up (land line or mobile) will work for emergency calls. This is also why landlines can still make emergency calls even if they are nominally disconnected by the phone company.

Comment Re:And this is what that means: (Score 2) 262

First, correct.

Second, bullshit.

Third, true. But until the fucking politicians wake up and declare this thing illegal and throw the fuckers in jail, that's all we can do. I'm still a big fan of that idea to turn off any and all spam filters for one week and show normal people what e-mail would be like if we didn't work so hard to make it halfway acceptable. After that week, either we can shut down all the SMTP servers because nobody is using e-mail anymore, or something would finally be done on the legal side of the problem.
(and to those who say it won't work: Fuck off, retard. We throw murderes and thieves in jail as well, and while the crime rates are not zero, they are a far cry from the ratio of spam, so apparently it does work if you snap out of your binary thinking.)

So if you want a content limited, pay-walled, countermeasure-riddled web -- just stick with that childish attitude. But if you want a sustainable, awesome web ecosystem -- then start proposing acceptable limitations that nurture the publishers we all love.

Biggest bullshit of them all.

How about we throw away advertisement as a model simply because nobody likes it, you know, like fascism and sacrificing babies to the gods - yes for a while we thought there's no alternative, but then we kind of realised that we were just being stupid.

Let's just throw it away, and I can guarantee you that we will come up with better answers.

"Conversion, fastidious Goddess, loves blood better than brick, and feasts most subtly on the human will." -- Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway"