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Comment Re:With regularly tested incremental offsite backu (Score 1) 101

I take it you test your offsite backups regularly?

I know you weren't addressing me but, yes... Yes I do verify backups and keep regular copies at disparate locations - including shunting 'em over a network to entirely different geographical locations - some a bit distant. I can even do this from the house in Florida. I not only do it for myself but I have it configured to work properly at other people's houses and we all share out connections (with logins) between each other and have access to specific networked shares and/or hardware.

For example, I have a desktop system sitting at a buddy's house and it has tons of storage. I can connect to it a few ways or, if I want, I can then tunnel into his network or I can connect to it directly. From there, user controlled shares of storage work. I can just as easily use VNC and actually use the hardware remotely.

With connectivity as ubiquitous as it is, bandwidth so cheap, and hardware so plentiful... I can't think of a reason to *not* have this sort of configuration.

Comment Re: Google - more like scewgle. GNAA SAYS GAY NIGG (Score 1) 101

They post it to make you angry, ask questions, and to elicit a response. When you reply, you give them what they want. Sometimes, it's fun to give them what they want but it's not always beneficial.

That's nothing new, that's copy/paste from a bunch of 'em. You can find 'em all cross the net but Pastebin has a bunch of them. The GNAA is kind of famous, sort of, as a group of remarkably creative people who expend that creativity on trolling. They once rolled a live Linux (Lunux) distro up that did nothing but show images - namely the famous gaping ass known as 'goatse.' The distro was called "Linux for Niggers" I do believe. Keep in mind, some of the authors of that are black.

So, yeah, it's just a part of what the 'net is and, honestly, what it should be. Laugh, shrug it off, ignore it, whatever... You can't stop it and it's just done to piss you off. If you let it piss you off then you're giving them the power to control you. If you let it make you angry, you're telling them that they have the power to control your emotions. Every time they get a response, they're seeing someone tell them that they are willing to be controlled. If I let you make me angry then I've conceded the power over my emotions to you.

They're just pixels on the screen. Mostly harmless.

However, this sort of shit (the history of the 'net - and that certainly includes a chapter on things like this) should be damned near mandatory.

Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 1) 99

I just replied to an AC who was very much insisting that option 2 was the lawful and acceptable way. No, if my hardware is in the US then I will obey US laws. If my hardware is in France, I will obey their laws (as well as any laws applicable to me in my country). I will not put up a cookie notice - even if I sell a product or service. I will not censor because of China. I will not be forced to host something because of France. I will do what is lawful in my country - up to that point and no further.

If a product or service that I sell is illegal in France, but legal in my country, then I will send it to people in France who order it and pay for it. If France doesn't like it, they can control their borders. If I sell a book that's illegal in China and someone from China orders it, I'll send it. If I have hardware in China, being accessed from China, then I'll obey China's censorship rules. If I have hardware in France then France can tell me what I'm allowed to do with it.

As I said above, if they don't like it, they know where to find me.

Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 1) 99

If I have a forum, housed in the US, and someone from France doesn't like what someone posts, on my forum that is in my country, then France can suck my nuts. I don't even care if it's a French citizen that posted it on my forum. The property belongs to me. The property is in my country. Even if I sell ads on that site, they can still suck my nuts. If France doesn't like what someone posts on my site, or what I decline to host on my site, then France can try to block their citizens from accessing my site. If they've got a problem with this, I have a nut that needs sucking.

Just like for Taiwan, China, Australia, Russia, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, or any other country. The property, and I, are not in their country. If they don't like it, keep their citizens off my property. I will not take any step to remove offending material, disallow content types, or otherwise infringe on lawful speech as is accepted in my country.

If I put my property in another country that property will obey the laws of that country - I will obey the laws of this country. If they don't like it, I'm sure I can find plenty of people who want their nuts sucked and that will keep them busy. It's really simple, there's no need to make it complicated. I don't give a shit if it makes money or not - I'm going to do with my property what I want to do so long as it is lawful to do so in the country that the hardware exists in. If another country doesn't like it, wants to control what my users can post, or wants to make me expend any energy I don't feel like spending - they know where to find me.

They can block their citizens to the best of their abilities. They can write me letters. They can send me hate mail. If they irk my colo provider, I can house it at my home. If China doesn't like a dissident that posts content on my site they can piss off. If France doesn't like that I kicked out one of their citizens, they can piss off. It doesn't matter if I sell ad space or a product, they can piss off. They can stop the product at the edge of their country. That's it.

No, I will, quite specifically, not be obeying laws from other nations even if my site can be accessed from those nations. I will not kowtow to China's censorship. I will not be forced to host content I do not want by France. I will allow non-Muslims to post so Saudi Arabia can fuck right off. I will allow women to have the same access rights to UAE can suck a camel cock. I will do what I want with my property so long as it is lawful in the nation where that property is housed. They can control their border, they can not control me.

Comment Re:Motherboard design issue. (Score 1) 88

Considering that it only happens with one brand, and only a few models, then I think it's reasonably fair to place the majority of the culpability on the vendor, yes. If you hurt yourself with a tool, don't blame the toolmaker for providing the tool. Well, that and you'd have to be pretty damned stupid to run the command without knowing what it does.

"This sharp stick lets me poke myself in the eye! Burn the forest!!!" And a bunch of people join in and burn the forest down because some idiot stuck a stick, that they sharpened themselves, in their eye. This is why we can't have nice things.

Comment Re:Emergency Services (Score 1) 223

They still use the radios up in my home area in Maine. They all carry rather rugged radios on their belts. They play a tone (like specifics for area or for mutual aid or for whom/what is needed) and then they go out in voice. I believe a radio license is required to transmit (but not to listen) so most of them only work for reception but the chief and assistant chief have ones that can transmit. Home is actually counting the village, I'm in an unincorporated township - not far from Rangeley.

I've got some friends down in Vienna, Mt. Vernon, Rome areas and they're volunteers as well - they too carry the radios. I believe they only support a few channels and cycle between them, like a scanner, and that the different departments all have a "call out" tone. At a certain time of the night they go off on a "tone test" and all the departments send out a tone, one right after the other, and areas with good reception get to listen for quite a while. A pager might be a better idea though these things can be particularly loud and attention getting.

Comment Re:SMS is not a reliable alternative (Score 1) 223

I can't think of any part of your missive that is not, in some way, fascinating. No, that's not sarcasm - all the way to the end, the reading of texts for re-entry, all fascinating and good stuff. Seriously, that's not sarcasm.

Having said that, what's this browser thing you speak of? I mean, I understand it conceptually and it actually sounds kind of brilliant but my Google-fu is weak and I'm not finding anything that looks quite like what you described. I don't have a better way to say it except to say that it's fascinating and tickles my geek-bone. That means I'd like to know where (if possible) I can get into the nitty-gritty aspects of it and I'm curious as to how accessible it might be.

Comment Re:Landline is it for me. (Score 1) 223

Presumably, you use DSL? You can have DSL service without an active phone number or phone line. I've paid for just the DSL service - and no phone line. There was no phone number attached to it, as far as I know. I tried a regular phone in the jack and while there was a dial-tone, not even an operator was reachable nor was I able to dial a local number. I did not try 911. I do imagine that 911 service worked but I didn't try it.

So, it's technically possible to have DSL without paying for phone service or having phone service. I was kind of curious about it - as I'd asked, specifically, for no phone number and no phone service. I seem to recall they tried to get me to get a phone anyhow but I didn't. After it was in-service, I tested out of curiosity. As near as I can tell, there was no real "phone" aspect to it at all but I do imagine it still would have worked for the emergency system.

Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 134

The closest I ever came was $400 for 4 MB of EDO. I could have paid a little less but I went with the better named brand. Heh, we had to test our memory back then too. I don't think I've run a mem test in... Wow... A long time? It's right there when I boot my OS but I haven't bothered in years. I actually can't recall personally having had to RMA a stick in the past ten years. It might even be longer than that.

Comment Re:What's the best time for a robbery? (Score 1) 18

I like learning the history of old towns and I often find books that have recounting of old happenings from historical societies. I have one such book about a town in Livermore Falls, Maine. I don't have it with me and it's probably not something you can order online. It's fairly interesting. Well, I think so.

It seems that at one time, back in the 1930s, they built a bank in town. The thing is, the bank was on one side of the railroad tracks and the cops were on the other side of the railroad tracks. Every day, a train would drive up to the Otis Paper Mill and be there long enough so that there were no roads available for the cops to get to the bank - for a couple of hours. You can probably see where this is going.

So, they robbed the bank. Sure enough, they got away with this a few times. Then the cops started putting an officer over at the bank when the train was due. Except they didn't really have a lot of police officers. So, somebody would slow the train down and the cop would have to leave, then the timing was right to rob the bank. Then, like a bad movie, someone stole the police car which, of course, made the cops follow them - except the train wasn't in place at the time and the only other cruiser was able to go to that side of the tracks and off they went to get their police car back.

Now, being clever Mainers, they proceeded to leave the car not very far on the other side of the river and the cops were able to find it and go back to the station but they now had to wait for the train to pass, only to find out that while they were getting their car back, someone had robbed the bank and crossed to the other side of it and gotten away over on that side.

Finally, things settled down and everything is going well and nobody had robbed the bank. So, the police go back to policing and, sure enough, somebody robs the bank because they no longer station an officer there. This happens sporadically until the 1950s when the bank finally moved to the other side of the tracks.

So, I guess the best time to rob a bank is when there's a train between you and the cop station.

If I understand it correctly, there's still *technically* a reward out for information leading to the conviction/apprehension of the thief or thieves. Rumors suggest that it was actually a number of people, not necessarily associated, who took turns robbing the Livermore Falls Bank.

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