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+ - FBI issues warning about Bin Laden malware->

Submitted by Wesociety
Wesociety writes: Since word broke Monday night that U.S. military forces had killed Osama Bin Laden in a raid in Pakistan, the internet has been buzzing with links to media sources purporting to have the latest emerging information on the situation. It didn’t take long, however, for internet scammers to begin exploiting the situation for their own gain.
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+ - Moving data at the speed of light->

Submitted by
lee1 writes: "Due to the 'interconnect bottleneck', sometime in the next decade, computers, regardless of their processing speed, will be incapable of moving data any faster. UC Berkeley engineers have recently developed a possible solution: a way to grow nanolasers directly onto a silicon surface and take advantage of the superior data carrying capacity of photons. The new technique could lead to highly efficient silicon photonics. As well as leading to faster computers, the nanolasers are expected to allow the engineering of new types of on-chip nanophotonic devices such as lasers, photodetectors, modulators and solar cells."
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+ - Oracle subpoenas Apache Foundation in Google suit->

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes: "Oracle has subpoenaed the Apache Software Foundation in connection with its ongoing intellectual property suit against Google. Oracle filed suit against Google in August, alleging that its Android mobile operating system infringes on seven of Oracle's Java patents. Google has denied any wrongdoing. The subpoena, which was received by ASF on Monday, seeks "the production of documents related to the use of Apache Harmony code in the Android software platform, and the unsuccessful attempt by Apache to secure an acceptable license to the Java SE Technology Compatibility Kit.""
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+ - Sony Running Unpatched Servers with no Firewall->

Submitted by ewhenn
ewhenn writes: Security experts monitoring open Internet forums learned months ago that Sony was using outdated versions of the Apache Web server software, which "was unpatched and had no firewall installed." The issue was "reported in an open forum monitored by Sony employees" two to three months prior to the recent security breaches.
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+ - Apple handcuffs web apps on iPhone home screen->

Submitted by
SF Polack
SF Polack writes: "On Apple's iOS 4.3, HTML5 and JavaScript apps are running significantly slower when they're run from the iPhone or iPad home screen rather than Safari, and the OS is hindering the performance of these apps in other ways. The end result is that it that harder for web apps to compete with native iOS app sold through the App Store, where Apple takes a 30 per cent of sales."
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Ten Things We Still Don't Understand About Humans 397

Posted by Soulskill
from the why-do-they-like-will-ferrell-movies dept.
ParticleGirl writes "New Scientist has an article examining 10 human features (bugs?) that we still don't understand, like blushing, laughing, and nose-picking. There are some interesting, speculative evolutionary explanations listed for each. '[Psychologist Robert R. Provine] thinks laughing began in our pre-human ancestors as a physiological response to tickling. Modern apes maintain the ancestral 'pant-pant' laugh when they are tickled during play, and this evolved into the human 'ha-ha.' Then, he argues, as our brains got bigger, laughter acquired a powerful social function — to bond people. Indeed, Robin Dunbar at the University of Oxford has found that laughing increases levels of endorphins, our body's natural opiates, which he believes helps to strengthen social relationships.'"

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