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that the Feds have an honest to god propaganda news agency working INSIDE THE US

Yeah.. there sure is.. Its what *was* the "4th Estate", then later, the "Mainstream Media"... It's now become the "US Department of Propaganda".. Herr Goebles, Hitler's propaganda minister would have been soooo proud at how far America has come to towards what Der Fuerer was working for....

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by LVSlushdat (#47305283) Attached to: $500k "Energy-Harvesting" Kickstarter Scam Unfolding Right Now

The U.S. will always be at war now, until the government is bankrupt. Should have listened to Eisenhower.

Umm.. hate to break it to you, but the U.S. government *IS* bankrupt.. The world just hasn't called us on it yet.. If you don't call 17+ TRILLION DOLLARS in the hole, and not to mention an uncountable number of trillions in unfunded "entitlements" bankrupt, I don't know what to tell you... And yes, we certainly *should* have listened to Eisenhower, the last somewhat honest president.... I'm not a (R) and I'm DAMN straight NOT a (D), I'm a FUCKIN' AMERICAN, AND I'M PISSED!!!

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by LVSlushdat (#47241737) Attached to: Russian RD-180 Embargo Could Boost American Rocket Industry

Yeah.. but the shuttle had the gummint butting in.. all of CONgress making sure their home turf got a piece of the shuttle "pie".... In the case of SpaceX, its Musk and his stockholders.. and I'm not even sure how many "stockholders" SpaceX has, as I'm pretty sure its not a publicly traded company.... If ANYbody can do what he claims to be planning, I bet Musk can...


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by LVSlushdat (#47214857) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary

Yeah.. THIS!! I'm an Independent voter in Nevada, up until the middle of BushyJr's second term I was a life-long Republican.. The Republican party has gotten so FAR from its roots, I couldn't remain a "member"... Since I am no longer a Republican, I'm prohibited from voting for ANY candidate in our primary yesterday other than the non-partisan races, like Judge, Sheriff, etc.. This is a crock of SHIT, so I now do not vote in primary elections.. There were several Republican candidates for state and national office that I'd loved to have voted for, but the State of Nevada has seen fit to prohibit me from voting for them, unless I attach a label to my name.. I'M NOT A REPUBLICAN NOR A DEMOCRAT, I'M AN AMERICAN....

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by LVSlushdat (#47213125) Attached to: Latin America Exhausts IPv4 Addresses

Here's the weird part.. I have several Xen/Linux virtual servers thru a vps hosting company.. They include 2 ipv4 addresses and 6 ipv6 addresses with each vps.. On one of my vps, since I host two different sites on it, the two ipv4 addresses are kinda handy.. However, on several others, I have zero need/use for more than one ipv4 address.. I asked their support to take the unneeded addresses back, since ipv4 addresses are in short supply.. Their response? Don't worry, we have plenty... Huh???
I wonder how often this scenario plays out with other vendors? One often wonders just how bad the shortage is when vendors can do this with their address-blocks...

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by LVSlushdat (#47213057) Attached to: Latin America Exhausts IPv4 Addresses

Do like I did, get a free 4to6 tunnel from, a public service from Hurricane Electric ( Since my edge router is able to run the Tomato firmware, it has the capability to act as the endpoint for one of these tunnels, plus it can update my dynamic address from Cox when it changes, to keep the tunnel working.. Very slick.. Its fun to watch my Debian machines doing an apt-get update, and seeing an ipv6 address listed.. The current version of Tomato also implementts ip6tables so you're protected from that end.. Even if you don't have an edge router that can do Tomato, its still pretty easy to configure an always-on Linux machine to handle the tunnel endpoint, just so long as your firewall can be configured to pass protocol 41 (6to4 protocol, as I recall).. They give you a /64 prefix, which is a multi-mega-bazillion number ipv6 addresses.. Big numbers like that give me a headache..

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My wife and I visited her sister last Christmas. Sister lives on a street where they have posted no-parking-for-street-sweeping. The day in question was Wednesday, which coincidentally was Christmas Day.. I strongly suspected they wouldn't do street-sweeping on Christmas Day, but I parked in sisters driveway anyway, just in case. Since I suspected they would sweep the following day, I made sure to have the car either out on errands or in the driveway during the time listed on the signs.. About a month later, I get a letter from the city parking authority telling me I've been fined $58 for violating the no-parking law. Interesting thing about the notice.. It lists my Nevada license plate number correctly, but the date/time listed were from back in November 2013, when we were in Las Vegas, NOT Oceanside California (oops.. I let the "cat-out-of-the-bag" as to location)... The letter gave instructions on contesting the ticket, either by mail affidavit or in-person. I sent the form they gave requesting a written administrative hearing, about two weeks later, I get a letter saying my claim was rejected, but if I still want to pursue it, I can request a hearing from a uninterested party, again either by a written affidavit or in person, AFTER paying the $58.. So I pay the $58, and send the written affidavit showing the FACT that the citation was materially wrong.. Several weeks later, get another letter saying "claim denied"... Talk about being a money-making machine... Oceanside Calfornia CAN KISS MY ASS...

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by LVSlushdat (#47078535) Attached to: Goodbye, Ctrl-S

Install a non-ribbony version of MS Word

Precisely the reason I still use Office2003.. I DETEST that flippin' ribbon, and flat will NOT use anything that has it.. Of course, since I spend most of
my time on Debian, I don't have this problem over there, what with LibreOffice... Don't care if Office 2003 is 11 years old, it still works and when I need
*real* MS Office, its the one...

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by LVSlushdat (#47027287) Attached to: Robbery Suspect Tracked By GPS and Killed

In the "new" America, you don't even have to *have* a gun (let alone *pull* it) to get shot by *some* police forces.. You just have to move and you either get a a lead enema or at least a taser that may/may not put you 6 feet under like the lead... Having said that, if this bozo had a record of other robberies AND pulled a gun on a cop, the cop was well within his rights to blow the guy away.. end of story...

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by LVSlushdat (#46903711) Attached to: Why Microsoft Shouldn't Patch the XP Internet Explorer Flaw

yup.. and I *strongly* suspect there will be a "leakage" of these patches, probably into a downloadable disk image that those who stay with XP will be able to obtain fairly easily.. of course, mom+pop XP user, likely not so much.. but for those in the know, who, for whatever reason, hasn't dumped MS for something better (hint: Linux)... They'll be able to find these patches fairly easily. Of course, MS will slap any site down that carries these "unauthorized" patches, but then the game of
"Whack-A-Mole" comes to mind...

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