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Comment Re:This Again? (Score 1) 298

viable replacement for animated GIFs either, even though png was supposed to take care of that

That effort was borked by the Second-System Effect among the PNG developers. All they needed was a simple way to replace the animated-GIF functionality. It seems that WebM will be the replacement for animated GIFs, decades later.

Comment Re:CPU? Memory? (Score 1) 298

This is what killed JPEG-2000 as a mass-market format. While it gives images apparently 1/2 to 1/3rd the size of an equivalent-quality JPEG, it takes dozens of times as long to decode. Result: unusable footnote. A similar thing could be said for general compression formats like BZIP2 and 7-Zip versus GZIP. Given its self-inflicted gunshot wound right out of the gate of being GPLv3-only, if one were to go to all the effort of implementing a buggy *open* driver, would it suffer the same fate as JPEG 2000?

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

"35 K is fine - I'm waiting for the 4wd trail rated version."

The model X ('crossover utility vehicle') is being launched sometime about now (I think a few hours ago.) As far as I know that is as close to 'trail rated' as they're currently planning to make. It probably has a price tag around $70k+ however. There is a 4wd version of the model S, so I expect model X will at least have that as an option, perhaps standard.

Comment Re:Dear Mr Musk... (Score 1) 396

Mr Musk not only knows this, but changing this world in this way is Mr Musk's declared reason for founding Tesla Motors in the first place. The plan is to produce the Model 3 in a few years, which will have your 300km range, but current price is expected to be US$35k (neglecting government incentives for electric vehicles.)

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

What you're looking for is the Model 3 which does not yet exist, but has been Tesla's goal since inception. Everything we've seen up until now has been primarily done to gain experience and fund development towards the Model 3.

The Model 3 doesn't quite hit your targets - price US$35k, range 320km.

Comment Re: Switching (Score 1) 147

2) Compatibility with .docx sucks. Compatibility with Excel is _terrible_.

Excel is almost hopeless, since you really need the full scripting environment as well.

But docx has not really been a problem in practice. If you make sure you have the fonts installed, it's good enough. I asked one of our secretaries once about the doc files I send her. She said there were always some oddities - but there were oddities in files from everybody at the department. And most of them do use Office. Different versions; some use the US English version while others use the Japanese one; different base settings and so on.

Libre Office incompatibilities were in her eyes no worse than Office incompatibilities with itself. She didn't know I wasn't using Office, in fact.

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