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Comment: Re:Tax Cheats? (Score -1) 325

by LCookie (#27201779) Attached to: Swiss Banks Making Concessions On Secrecy

Oh and can I assume that don't care one bit what happens to those who cannot pay for all this on their own (ie. at least 50% of the population)?

Actually I don't. It's called survival of the fittest. It's only the damn humanitarians that think every life is "sacred" and needs to be protected as opposed to nature. Why should I need to pay to keep somebody else alive?


+ - Windows XP driver support begins to end-> 3

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thefickler writes: "It's official, manufacturers are starting to dump Windows XP support entirely and some new models won't even have Windows XP drivers or any kind of support available, anywhere. One reader, "Mark" contacted TECH.BLORGE regarding installing Windows XP on his HP V6610 (Australian) laptop which is the V6620 in the US. "Mark" said when he went to the HP driver/downloads section that very few Windows XP drivers were available for it and he was right, there were almost no useful drivers for the laptop there. His call to HP support didn't get very far as "HP is no longer supporting Windows XP on the newer PCs.""
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