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Comment Re:Cue the flood... (Score 1) 193

" one has to wonder if taking away a little bit from fusion research and giving it to research for batteries and renewables might be a better use of limited resources."
Probably not. Battery research is already getting a huge amount of funding from commercial sources. Every cell phone, laptop, tablet, and power tool maker is putting money into batteries. All the incentives for development are already in place for batteries. Frankly the problems with improved batteries is one of chemistry and physics at this point and not one of funding.

Comment Re:Red Mercury = Wildly Batshit Insane (Score 3, Informative) 329

Dude you so fell for it. Red Mercury is very real and dangerous. It can take out an entire city with ease. It is a meta-stable nuclear isomer that when you apply a resonant magnetic field will cause a cascade release of photons in the gamma ray range powerful enough to act a trigger in e thermonuclear device. Even without a fusion device it would cause a large gamma ray event.
Thank goodness that ISIS is still wasting it's time with small terror attacks like the one in France. If they ever dedicated themselves 100% to the acquisition of red mercury they might destroy the western world.

Comment Re:Ever seen a ruskie car? (Score 1) 55

"In the very earliest days of NASA, since NASA was a civilian agency, NASA had a policy of using "civilian" rockets. Which meant that they had to develop their rockets from scratch rather than using modified ICBMs."

What the heck are you talking about.
The first satellite booster was the Juno-1/Jupiter-C which was based on the Redstone SRBM.
The Thor which evolved into the Delta was an IRBM.
The Atlas used for Score and any number of launches including the Mercury orbital flights was the USs first ICBMs
The Titan II was used for Gemini and evolved into the Titan III, Titan IV, and so on was an ICBM!

Comment Re:Go easy on the Adderall prescription... (Score 1) 400

"I do have a gut feeling that some of the people who maintain them are paranoid and not really smart, so I don't trust them to have people on them for good reasons."
A paranoid not really smart person does not get to be the keeper of any watch list "at the federal level" in the US. Those tend to be weeded out since they also generate too much noise.

"You sound reasonable, but I have nothing that shows you are true."
You also have nothing that shows I am incorrect except that it sounds reasonable and frankly logical. The simple fact that most of the people that post on slashdot that they fear that they are on a watch list never get arrested or even harassed.

Comment Re:Go easy on the Adderall prescription... (Score 1) 400

"Resources are getting cheaper and easier, which means we can have more people on the list than ever before."
A huge list is not a good thing. You get way too much noise that way. That 22 year old upper middle class college student in Minnesota that uses Tor, posts on Slashdot, and looked up pressure cookers is not a threat and they do not want to deal with his noise.
He is of no more interest than I am. A white 50 year old computer programer that looks up how to make rocket candy and is a huge fan of aviation. We could be noise in the system but will be tossed quickly because we not going to be a threat to anyone.

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