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Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1) 271

Don't be a fool.

Right back at you.

No one cared about Saddam's chemical weapons until it turned out he was never even close to having nuclear ones. The U.S. went into Iraq (for the second time) on the promise that Saddam Hussein had or would soon have a nuclear weapon and that he was likely to use it against the United States or one of it's allies. The information to justify this claim came from a single source, a drug-addicted Iraqi defector who basically said whatever his handlers wanted as long as kept him supplied with booze and drugs. This information was deliberately fed to intelligence agencies of several different countries to create the appearance of multiple sources.

The false pretences were nuclear, when the claims proved too absurdly wrong, the story changed to be chemical weapons, instead. Which Saddam didn't have either since he had long ago used the ones that the United States had provided to him.

Comment Re:Snowden unquestionably hurt the intel community (Score 1) 271

There is a book on the subject that details how Snowden negatively impacted US intelligence.

He certainly "negatively impacted" US intelligence, though it's a lot like how a police officer "negatively impacted" the criminal he just arrested. The US intelligence agencies did all the harm to themselves, and when you were made aware of their criminal activities, you chose to blame the messenger and the not the criminals.

Comment Re:Yeah, I've worked with a few of those (Score 1) 488

Yes, I'm pretty sure that the correlation is the other way than the headline.

Based on what evidence?

That would-be terrorists are more likely to become engineers, in part to get the necessary skills to make the "tools of the trade".

Seems like a slow and expensive way to learn how to make a bomb.

Comment Re: Time to change my job description.... (Score 1) 488

That is true, but stupid people often think that anyone wearing a turban is Islamic. Seriously.

As a side note, It's interesting to see that Gamergate's war against "corruption in the games media" now extends to fabricating evidence to slander their critics. I guess Gamergaters really are dedicated to showing us all who the truly dishonest people are...

Comment Re:anti-business liberal scoring points (Score 1) 330

If they are publicly traded and their principal business is not risk, then they are required to be by law.


I'm fairly certain there is no such law. What publicly-traded businesses are required to do is to do what they say they'll do in their articles of incorporation and their prospectus. For most, these documents state that their focus is to generate a responsible return on investment (language varies, but that's what it boils down to). However, it is perfectly acceptable for them to include other goals, and even to prioritize those goals over making money.

Were SpaceX to go public, they could specify that their primary goal is to get to Mars, for example, rather than to make money. That would probably lower their valuation, but there would be nothing at all illegal about it.

Comment Re:yet more engineer bashing (Score 1) 488

The real question is not are engineers 9 times more likely to be terrorists. The real question is are they 9 times more likely to hold extremist beliefs, or just 9 times more likely to act on them because to engineers the point is to solve problems.

I suspect it's some of both. It seems to me that engineers do tend to be more passionate about their interests (whatever those may be) than the average person. And they think in terms of how to solve problems.

Comment Re:or -effective- against the infidel imperialists (Score 1) 488

"continued American presence in the Middle East (which has arguably created much of this situation)."

Certainly arguably. The Middle East has been a cesspool of competing murderers for millennia. The current crowd didn't need the U.S. to get all wound up about Allah, Muhammed, women's rights, women's ankles, movies, etc. If the U.S. didn't exist, they'd invent some other dragons to attempt to slay. It is all about the size of their dicks and being able to tell others what to do. In that sense, Islam itself is superfluous for them, they'd use some other inflammatory vehicle or merely invent a new one. They aren't particular, anything for political power will do.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 161

Ah, so your argument is that because he doesn't have an adequate theory to replace yours, your flea bitten theory must prevail.

I don't know what the right theory is either, and neither do you. Attributing the extra gravity phenomenon to dark matter is nothing more than a variation on the G-d-of-the-Gaps. Got a problem with gravity, Dark Matter. You could give the alien guy Georgio with the electric hair a run for his money.

Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 137

And in the meantime it is sending bog-knows-what to who-knows-what. I think I'll pass....

I didn't pass, I checked. I had my router log the packets from my TV for a couple of weeks, then fired up Wireshark to look at who it was talking to and what it was sending. Result? On a daily basis it sends a tiny request to the manufacturer, which I suspect is checking for firmware updates. Other than that, it appears to connect to Netflix when I watch Netflix, my DLNA server when I watch stuff from it, YouTube when I watch that, etc. That's it.

It also occurs to me... if you're worried about a information being sent who knows where, why are you not worried about your Roku, etc.? How do you know what it's sending? Why is a Smart TV riskier than any of the other network-connected media-playing devices you might hook to it?

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