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Submission + - Demonoid shut down by CRIA?

L. VeGas writes: "For twenty-four hours, Demonoid has been offline.

The popular Dutch news site, is reporting that the world's second largest torrent tracker, Demonoid has apprently been shut down by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA)

This happens just three months after Demonoid moved its servers to Canada under pressure from BREIN, a Dutch anti-piracy organization.

Wonder why> the Demonoid folks thought Canada would be a good safe-haven to begin with."

Comment Re:That will teach you not to use a sarcasm tag. (Score 1) 531

I can't imagine hardly anyone goes to college for anything other than increasing their money making potential.
This makes me sad. Honestly. I know a lot of people feel this way, but to it expressed in such a blunt manner shows me how poor the educational system can be.

Many, many people go to college for reasons other than "increasing their money making potential", my wife being one. At my urging, she went (back) to college after we were married and got a B.A. in fine arts, graduating when she was nine months pregnant. She has not had a job or made any income in thirteen years, and we have no plans for her to do so. Despite this, her education was worth all the effort and every penny. She is more rounded, has more confidence and simply learned a great deal.

I really, really don't want to sound like I'm being rude, but the fact that you can't even imagine pursuing higher education for any reason other than money indicates to me that this is probably what was emphasized while you were in school.

Education can truly be its own reward.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Creator of MS Word banned from casinos and WSOP

L. VeGas writes: "Richard Brodie, Microsoft employee number 77, creator of Microsoft Word 1.0 and professional poker player, was banned from all Harrah's casinos yesterday for winning at video poker, a game both impossible to cheat and impossible to overcome the house advantage. Since the World Series of Poker is held at the Rio, a Harrah's property, this meant he would be unable to play in the upcoming tournament. Thanks to massive public support, they have relented, and now Brodie will be playing, and I can once again live vicariously throught him."
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Journal Journal: Brain Computer Interface Hat

Nature has an article about a brain-computer-interface hat that "can read your thoughts". You can "stroll down a virtual street" by just thinking about walking. I have to admit, if I could do something in the virtual world just by thinking about it, I doubt that it would be walking down a street.

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Journal Journal: Low-Power Sensors / Transmitters Arrive This Year

Wired has a good story about ZigBee ,"a specification for building large networks of low-power radio transmitters". Expect consumer products by the end of the year. Because of the low-power consumption, batteries will run for years. Applications include h

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Journal Journal: Air Car Emits No Pollution

MDI (Moteur Developpment International) claims that they have developed a car that uses "bi-energy" (compressed air + fuel) that has an effective driving range of 2000 km with "zero pollution in cities and considerably reduced pollution outside urban areas". They are promoting it to be used as a CAT vehicle.

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Journal Journal: Build Your Own Robot

There's a nice roundup of do-it-yourself robot building here. Lots of links and resources for the budding robotocist.

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Journal Journal: Mazda has USB key

Everything USB reports that Mazda has developed a concept car that abandons the traditional cylinder key in favor of a USB key. It can also store driving directions and, of course, songs. This seems so obvious, I can't believe nobody has already done this.

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