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Comment: Re:Question still remains (Score 1) 83

by Jane Q. Public (#49501365) Attached to: Google Adds Handwriting Input To Android

And here's where you go straight off the rails. See, space curved there. In specifics, the PDA market went away, and was replaced by the smartphone market.

Nonsense. Palm had the Tungsten. It was a perfectly good color handheld, with color touchscreen as big as a modern smartphone. I used to play Bejeweled on my Tungsten and IMO it was just about as good as Bejeweled 3 is on the desktop now.

Then came the Treo... their smartphone. They reduced the size of the screen to 1/2 or even less of what it had been before, added chicklet-style keyboard ala Blackberry, and dropped the Graffiti written input.

In other words, they were trying to copy Blackberry. They dropped the things that made them truly unique: a full-size color touchscreen, and Graffiti.

Now, finally, we have smartphones that match or best the Tungsten's color screen in size and resolution. We could have had that many years ago, if Palm had simply added a phone to their existing device, and left the rest alone.

Comment: False premise (Score 1) 37

by Dunbal (#49501319) Attached to: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society
Honestly I think the kind of person who is likely to go off on such a petty rant isn't going to give a damn if there's a camera there or not. Their sense of superiority and ego is such that they don't actually think at any moment that they are wrong, so what difference would a camera make? It's like saying that the guy with anger issues will not have a road rage episode because of a camera. He's not thinking about the camera - he's off in his own little rage world temporarily but completely disconnected from reality.

Comment: What's bad about Uber drivers? (Score 2, Informative) 15

The Uber drivers I have used have all been great. Complaints I've seen have all been about Uber the company, not the drivers... the drivers are just normal people trying to earn a living by making use of what they have.

Most taxi drivers I have encountered on the other hand, have ranged from standoffish to incredibly rude and sometimes hostile, frequently lying about fares to get more money. Taxi drivers can be that way in most places because they have no competition, no reason to provide anything like good service at all - and it doesn't hurt that in a number of areas they are tied to organized crime.

Comment: Re:in my opinion this guy is like Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 253

by PopeRatzo (#49500955) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

And calling them something that sounds scary to the ignorant, while at the same time leaving out other information that could be relevant

If it "sounds scary to the ignorant" then isn't it just a matter of marketing?

Why do you think the chemical industry spends billions on keeping GMO labels off of food instead of using that money to market their "completely safe and delicious" genetically modified plants to consumers? Why are they so heavily invested in keeping a simple fact from their consumers instead of in teaching them how healthy they are for their kids?

Comment: Re: And once this school fails to get women intere (Score 1) 578

What do you think feminists (or anyone, for that matter) can realistically do about women living in oppressive conditions outside of the West?

What are you talking about? FGM is done in the west in huge numbers, by immigrants from those countries sending their kids back there to mutilated. No one wants to do much about it because it's "racist".

Comment: Re:in my opinion this guy is like Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 253

by PopeRatzo (#49500869) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

There are thousands of things the consumer might want to know but they can't all possibly fit on the package.

And yet, there is one thing - one single bit of information - that the chemical industry has spent billions making sure never gets on that package.

I've got concerns about the corporate influence or the monoculture that GMOs create. But the health concerns are bogus.

I've already stated that the health concerns are not what's driving my opinion on GMOs.

What's the difference between a GMO and non-GMO food? The GMO food can potentially create a slightly different set of chemicals. We can assess it's safety the same way we assess the safety of any piece of food, look at what those chemicals are and see if any are dangerous.

Shall we have a little conversation about which chemicals "Science" has told us are completely safe? And especially the FDA? You really wanna go down that road with me?

Or my personal favorite in the category of "Scientist who tells you something is completely safe but runs away when it comes near him":

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 578

The no-sports part is a good thing, because American schools tend to over-emphasize sports to an absurd degree. The rest is bad, especially the lack of music. IIRC, there's a lot of evidence of high correlation between people gifted in STEM stuff and musical ability.

It would be nice if they could have some sports, the way for instance prestigious English universities have them (such as with rowing). But we just can't seem to do that over here; it's all football and basketball, and then it becomes all-important, with leagues and competitions between different schools, and then cheerleaders. If I were setting up a school, I'd ban football and basketball and only allow sports like rowing, track & field, cycling, and other sports which don't seem to draw large crowds of drunken, rowdy, moronic fans.

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 578

I'm not a feminist, but if a someone wants to start a girls school...what's the problem?

There's two big problems:

1) This appears to be a *taxpayer-funded* school. If you want to establish some weird-ass exclusionary school and fund it all yourself, you have that right: lots of wacky religions do exactly this. It sucks for the poor kids being brainwashed by that BS, but at least it isn't condoned by the government and the rest of us taxpayers.

2) This entirely smacks of "separate but equal". What's next, separate public schools for blacks and whites? Aren't we supposed to be progressing from the backwardness of the 1950s?

And, honestly, if I could send my daughters (of which I have 3) in the hopes that they appreciate tech more than cheerleading, boys, and fashion, I would do it in a *heartbeat*

If you're worried about that, the answer is simple: private school. There's usually good private non-religious schools around that you can send your kids to where they don't have a lot of that crap. The reason you get all that crap is because public schools have to take everyone, so it's a by-product of the overall culture of the community you're in. It's no different than why The Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo are popular TV shows.

Just overcoming the "helpless-fashion-model-princess-homemaker" mental conditioning is hard enough

How is that hard? You're the parents, and kids get this mental conditioning mostly from their parents and their relatives. So if you don't agree with that mentality, don't teach your kids that way, don't let them be around any relatives like that, don't buy them Disney movies that teach this, and don't get involved in any religious groups that teach that crap. You're the ones in control; start acting like it.

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 578

Wait, the school is pushing him to stay *out of* STEM just because he does poorly in English and Spanish?

And who gives a shit about Spanish anyway? That's probably the most useless language there is for STEM. How many Spanish engineers have you ever met? Latinos are infamous for not going into STEM fields, even worse than blacks probably. If you want to learn languages to help your engineering career, the languages to learn are English (of course), Mandarin, Japanese, and German (not necessarily in that order). That's where all the engineering is being done these days. Spanish is a great language to learn, however, if you want to make a career in drug trafficking. Did your son have a choice about that, or is Spanish now required in school?

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 578

The women are discouraged by their parents and relatives from the time they're born. They're told that their role in life is to get married and have children, and that's it. Their parents never buy them LEGOs or any other toys that encourage technical thinking, instead they buy them dollhouses. From birth to adulthood, this brainwashing has a huge effect; even if a women is mentally inclined this way, she gets zero support from her parents and doesn't really have much of an opportunity to go into a field she might have a lot of interest in.

I don't really see what can be done to fix it. Some special schools at the high-school level are much too late to make much of a difference; by the time a child is that old, it's unlikely you're going to fix them. They need to start at the pre-school level, but our education system is much too incompetent to really make a difference there.

However, it is interesting that the people whining the most about this problem are people who never went into engineering themselves.

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 578

Exactly, it starts with their parents. You can't easily fix that with special schools at the high-school level; by that time, all that thinking is ingrained. Let's face it: our parents in this society all suck. And all these people who really want to fix this problem, are they having any kids themselves? Doubtful. So what we have is all the most conservative people are having all the kids, and passing their values on to them.

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 578

[Stupid Slashdot, not letting me edit...]

This girls-only school isn't the answer. The problem is our culture, which is fundamentally backwards and broken. By the time you get to high-school level schools, kids are already set on the track they're going to take. If they really want to fix this problem, the solution is to end private parenting, and have all the parenting done by the state. This proposal has more than a few problems with it....

I think we just need to be honest with ourselves and admit we as a culture aren't really much better than ISIS and other Islamic extremists. We hate intellectualism, we hate education, we hate learning (unless it's religious in nature), we love driving around in pickup trucks with guns and smashing things and setting things on fire.

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